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26 Comments on About the Mouth

  1. Thank you Mouth, living in Paris for the last 2 years would have been a lot more expensive and disappointing without your guidance!!!!! Keep up the great work.

  2. Bless you for this fantastic site. We used it as a guide for four first trip in 2011 and we are using it again for our next trip in December, this year. We are coming for Christmas, New Year and most of January so the openings and closings list over that period has proved invaluable. Thank you for doing it as I’m sure it’s a nightmare to compile.

    We have booked into Drouant for our Christmas dinner. They have a reasonably priced (for Paris at Christmas) 120 Euro menu. I’m a bit staggered at the 550 Euro offering at Le Meurice. That would need to be some damn memorable food.

    We thought we’d just take advantage of all the great specialty shops and markets to put together a New Year’s dinner of oysters, lobster, fois gras (bien sur) and as many dark chocolates and pastries as we can eat. I expect that Jan 1st will be spent walking all that food off.

    We’ve already booked several restos on your excellent and honest advice and will report back. I was tempted to try Lazare until I read Meg’s review. I loathe bad service. It leaves a worse taste in your mouth than bad food. It makes me want to steal their silverware.

  3. Discovered a little “find” in the 7th. Have you tried La Billebaude at 29 rue de l’Exposition? We’ve enjoyed three meals there over the summer and fall.

  4. Hey.
    I personally use tripadviser app for the map only, so I can enter in my favorite restaurants, bars, etc. because you can use it offline walking in Paris and check if there is anything around that PBM recommend. Thomas

  5. Looking forward to a long weekend in Paris in November. When do you expect the tour schedule to be available for that time? Thanks

  6. I just wanted to congratulate you on your site. I use it every time I visit Paris and only had good food experiences since.
    I also was wondering if you happen to know other like-minded websites for other cities (such as for Brussels, London,…)?

  7. What happened to the search engine after the relaunch?? Just one example: it was extremely helpful to see all the restaurants that are open on Sunday. All that is gone now. Why? It set your site apart and to eliminate such features certainly reduces the user-value of your site.

  8. Thanks Grace! We’re pretty lucky to have such great options. If you take a look at our restaurant guide, you’ll see that we highlight our absolute favorites with a heart and our favorite neighborhood gems with green checks. Bon voyage and bon appetit! Catherine

  9. I love that I found your website. My family consisting of 5 adults – 3 of which are adult children will be travelling to Paris and South of France for the first time. We are from Toronto Canada. As food is always a big part of our trip we would like to experiencing incredible restaurants, I was wondering your options for a 3 night stay in Paris. I would like to experience a formal ambiance dining setting and two casual ones . So many options. !!Help. We are in the Champs elysses area. Apicius, Spring, Septime,Verjus, Le Restaurant, L’ange20, Guy Savoy, Pierre Gagnaire, Frenchie,La Regalade Sainte Honore, just some of the ones I looked at. I am so confused…I only have three nights and I want great food, reasonable portions and ambiance and my husband loves his wines. Any suggestions?? Thankyou

  10. Any chance you have or will soon have an iphone app? I would love to be able to use your guide in real time while in Paris.

  11. Dear Staff of Paris by Mouth,
    Merci beaucoup pour votre site!!!
    Thank you ever so much for your site, it is absolutely FABULOUS!
    Is it only a site, or is it also a traditional/regular paper magazine?
    Are you located in France? (thanks)
    I just discovered your site, from another site about France, and truly wish
    I had known about it ages ago. It is now a site that I will reading every week and since I just discovered it, I will be reading all that is on it now, so I can catch up.

    Merci, merci beaucoup!!!!
    Joie de Vivre! A votre sante!

  12. Your blog is absolutely wonderful! We were able to find so many wonderful restaurants and bakeries in the St. Germain area with the help of your useful website. Thank you for making our trip to Paris an extremely tasty journey!

  13. Thank you for this site. I am reliving many happy memories of my student days. I would also love to read similar reviews and lists from other cities and regions in France and perhaps from Switzerland and Belgium.

  14. Awesome website! I can see I will be spending a lot of time here as I plan my foodie trip to France. I just wish I didn’t have to wait 11 months to get there!

  15. My wife and I spend at least one week each year in Paris. Usualy the middle of May. We love food. We will be visiting you frequently.

  16. Hi Kieran,

    Those numbers (75001, 75006, etc.) are the postal codes that refer to each of Paris’ 20 arrondissements. The last two digits of the postal code indicate the arrondissement – for example 75002 is the 2nd arrondissement and 75019 is the 19th arrondissement. We locals use the numbers more often then the neighborhood names (like Montmartre or the Marais) because they’re more specific and because some districts (the 2nd, 15th..) don’t really have a neighborhood name.

    But thanks for reminding us that this may not be clear to everyone. We’ll work on adding some additional descriptors.

  17. My fiance and I are heading to Paris in the summer of 2013. We are both sous chefs in Vancouver Canada and are excited to discover first hand, the roots of our craft. Your web site has been a blessing.

  18. Just discovered this site. Checked in with my favorites–like Philou–and found comforting agreement. Will use much more in future!

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