AOC Canned Wine Hits France

Photo courtesy of Winestar.

Connoisseurs who gravitate toward wines protected by an Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) – France’s system of regulating the production of wines in a consistent and traditional manner – now have a new way to enjoy their vin: from a can.


Photo courtesy of Winestar.
Photo courtesy of Winestar.

Winestar’s red, white and rosé AOC Corbières wines come in 187 ml recyclable cans, are intended for solo consumption and meant to appeal to a younger generation concerned with being eco-friendly. Because nothing says responsible drinking like drinking alone!

Co-founder Cedric Segal, who has clearly never walked along the Canal St. Martin on a summer evening, has declared a concern that young people are not preserving the time-honored but supposedly endangered practice of drinking while picnicking.

Wine blogger Aaron Ayscough of Not Drinking Poison in Paris comments that the product is “sure to succeed – they’re able to capture several wine-apathetic markets at once: air travelers, ditzes, and the drunken homeless. Good news for those demographics. Bad news for anyone trying to shore up the reputation of the Corbières AOC.”

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