Bûche de Noël Teaser

We’re counting down the days until Christmas with a new Bûche de Noël every morning, but here’s a quick peek in video form of what’s to come…

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2 thoughts on “Bûche de Noël Teaser”

  1. Meg says:

    Hi Stephanie! We’re publishing details on these cakes daily at http://parisbymouth.com/the-2011-buches-de-noel/

    We’ve also labeled each bûche de Noël in the video with the name of the pastry shop that produced it. If you see a cake that you like, you can find the page for that shop in Our Paris Guide (links below), which will give you practical information about contacting the shop. Good luck!

    Pastry shops

    Chocolate shops

  2. Stephanie says:

    Where might I be able to find a Buche de Noel in Paris like this for the 2011 holidays? Any specific recommendations please? Merci!

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