Curio Parlour (Now Closed)


Practical information

Former Address: 16 rue des Bernadins, 75005

Reviews of interest


World’s Best Bars (2012) “The Curio Parlour’s cocktails are experimental in execution and stuffed with unexpected ingredients (lemon grass, basil and the like). A hip young crowd perch on the velvet banquettes.”

Gisela Williams (2010) “Geeky hot spot…a speakeasy-style lounge popular with a chic Parisian crowd that sips single malt whiskey.”

Genevieve Sandifer (2009) “A grown-up, intimate den perfect for whiling away an evening when you’re homesick for a proper Manhattan. The ground floor is anchored by a bar teeming with bottles and vials, with a couple nooks recessed behind heavy curtains ideal for hushed conversing. The downstairs is where the late-night parties happen, with a second bar and a DJ booth for the guest acts that regularly grace the Parlor.”

Forest Collins (2008) “These guys have taken things (unmarked doors, movie screenings, high-end cocktails) and put them together into a nice, solid drinking experience without the potential pretension or cheese factor that this combination could present.”

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