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Brand-name suppliers (Joel Thiebault, Quatrehommes, Annie Bertin, Hugo Desnoyers, Christophe Vasseur, Terroirs d’Avenir) and natural wines are the backbone of this trend-heavy, but pleasant, modern French bistro helmed by the young Japanese chef Yoshi Morie.

Practical information

Address: 43 rue Richer, 75009
Nearest transport: Cadet (7), Grands Boulevards (8, 9)
Hours: Lunch and dinner Monday-Friday; closed Saturday & Sunday
Reservations: Book a few days in advance
Telephone: 01 72 60 97 72
Average price for lunch: 20-34€
Average price for dinner: 35-49€
Style of cuisine: Modern French
Website Facebook

Reviews of interest

Emmanuel Rubin (2013) “L’adresse ne manque pas de zèle mais, à s’y attarder, dans ses tics et détails, il ne serait pas interdit de commencer à se lasser d’un bon ton devenu filon.”

Philippe Toinard (2013) “Et qui fait le buzz, serions-nous tenté d’ajouter ! Réseaux sociaux et blogosphère se sont enflammés pour cette adresse ouverte pendant l’été, et ce pour une unique raison, la présence en cuisine de Yoshi Morie que certains ont connu au Petit Verdot (6e). À tous les écouter et les lire, il a un talent fou. Certainement, mais à condition de goûter sa cuisine au dîner, parce qu’au déjeuner, c’est bon mais ça ne mérite pas tout ce tintamarre. Or, on attend d’un chef que sa cuisine soit aussi séduisante au déjeuner qu’au dîner.”

Adrian Moore (2013) “had one of the best meals of the pre-rentrée: 30€ for three delicious courses: a bright, crunchy mussels and cauliflower starter flavored with a vadouvan emulsion (French/Indian spice mix), and main course of monkfish with mixed cooked and raw vegetables (broccoli, burnt aubergine), all dishes doing a perfect job of creating layers of comforting taste and washed down with well chosen wines from our charming waitress. The dessert was the best I’ve had this season: a violet and fig compote with a Timut pepper sorbet.”

Alexander Lobrano (2013) “The only things I’m likely to remember about this place in two week’s time are the soulful icon of the smooth old wooden butcher’s block incorporated into the bar, the excellent white Gaillac we drank, the exceptionally alert and friendly service…I don’t doubt that Yoshi Morie is a sincere and talented chef, but I’d want him to find his own unique culinary signature and dare some livelier music on the plate before I returned for an encore, especially at these prices.”

John Talbott (2013) “This was chow worth schlepping 30 minutes for.”

Aaron Ayscough (2013) “And a plat of monkfish, chanterelles, and sea snails was a singularly intense marriage of forest and sea, like a walk in a public park in Atlantis. Every ingredient was in magnificent form: the monkfish flesh rich but not chewy, the chanterelles hauntingly bright and peachy.”

Photo courtesy of Aaron Ayscough

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  1. Alexander Lobrano’s comment about the prices is certainly correct: at night it is indeed pricey for small plates small plates but at lunch they have 2 regular sized firsts, 1 main and a dessert for 25 E and our bill for 2 with wine was 94.25 E.

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