At the best cheese shops, affinage and seasonality are of the utmost importance. Raw-milk reigns, there’s a commitment to small production, artisanal, and sometimes even endangered cheeses. Demonstrate some interest (but don’t touch or ask for samples!) and a knowledgable cheesemonger will help you trouver votre bonheur among the brie.

We asked our contributors to reveal their favorite fromageries, and here’s what they said.

  1. Quatrehomme – Marie Quatrehomme ages and sells some of the best cheese in Paris, and her spacious rue de Sèvres shop might be the most welcoming we know. The runny, stinky Camembert is highly recommended.
  2. Laurent Dubois – M.O.F. Laurent Dubois has two swanky boutiques, in the 5th and 15th. Don’t miss his Camembert stuffed with Calvados-stuffed apples, Roquefort with quince, or any of his other hand-made creations.
  3. Barthélémy – This closet-sized shop is simply beautiful to behold (and smell). The sales staff are are seriously knowledgeable, but you’ll have to prove yourself before earning a smile. Their Epoisses and Mont d’Or are aged to perfection, and the extra-old 30-month Ossau-Iraty might change your life.
  4. Alléosse – This dedicated affineur patiently brings out the best in every one of his products.
  5. Androuet – This historic house has several locations, each one staffed by a master cheesemonger who knows his inventory in and out. Patrick at the Latin Quarter location is the embodiment of cheese joy.

Runners Up: Marie-Anne Cantin, Pascal Beillevaire, La Ferme Saint Hubert, Julhès

About our process: For each topic, we begin with a little research to identify options. We then ask our readers, by posting a question in the forum, to offer additional suggestions. From that discussion, we compile a list of candidates and ask our panel of contributing advisors to rank their top choices and identify any rejects. Their rankings are weighted, analyzed, and compiled into a new Five Great post every week. Runners up are places who received more positive votes than negative comments. Rejects are places that received only negative comments with no positive votes.

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Taste for yourself!

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