Ask a group of food writers about their favorite for a box of chocolate* and the resulting dischord may surprise you. Of all our Five Great topics to date, chocolate turns out to be the most personal and divisive. Two clear winners emerged – Jacques Genin and Patrick Roger – with more than twice the number of votes as anyone else. Beyond that, there very little agreement among our contributing advisors. Perhaps you can help us out and share your own favorite in the comments?

Five Great for a Box of Chocolates

  1. Jacques Genin – a master in the Marais with an in-house salon for tasting his stunningly subtle chocolates.
  2. Patrick Roger – unusual flavors and surprising chocolate sculpture. A very close second to Genin.
  3. Michel Chaudun – Jacques Genin’s own personal favorite chocolate maker** and another serious sculptor.
  4. La Maison du Chocolat – Chaudun’s former employer & a consistently good source for more than 30 years.
  5. Fouquet – beautiful chocolate and a jaw-dropping array of candies.

Runners up (in order): Jean-Charles RochouxPralusJean-Paul HevinPatrice ChaponÀ la Mere de Famille

RejectsFauchonGeorges Larnicol, Un Dimanche à ParisGérard Mulot, Richart

About our process: For each topic, we begin with a little research to identify options. We then ask our readers, by posting a question in the forum, to offer additional suggestions. From that discussion, we compile a list of candidates and ask our panel of contributing advisors to rank their top choices and identify any rejects. Their rankings are weighted, analyzed, and compiled into a new Five Great post every week. Runners up are places who received more positive votes than negative comments. Rejects are places that received only negative comments with no positive votes.

* we asked specifically about a box of chocolates (bonbons, pieces, confections) and not about bars/tablettes
**  according to Mort Rosenblum in the wonderful book Chocolate: A Bittersweet Saga of Dark and Light

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