For true connoisseurs of the cold stuff, the end of summer does not spell the end of ice cream. Here are the five Paris glaciers where we most often go – in any season – to get our licks.

Five Great Places for Ice Cream:

  1. Berthillon – Famous, delicious, and closed in August.
  2. Pozzetto – David Lebovitz called this “the best gelato in Paris.” That was before Grom had opened…
  3. Grom –  The best of Italy on the rue de Seine.
  4. Martine Lambert – Forget Italy, this is the best of Normandy.
  5. Raimo – As long-running, classic & delicious as Berthillon. (The original shop is way out in the 12th, but they now have shops in the 4th and 5th.)

Runners up: Mary, Patrice Chapon, Deliziefollie

RejectsIt Mylk

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