Whether you’re a vegetarian, or someone who’s dating a vegetarian, you know that meatless options are hard to come by in this town. That’s especially true if you’re craving something that’s both French (skipping over some very good Italian and Asian options) and properly good. However, a handful of French tables manage to please both vegetarians and (more importantly) the discerning carnivores who love them. Here are our favorites.

Five Great Places for Vegetarians

  1. L’Arpège – pampered veg, prepared for a modest €120 (at lunch).
  2. Breizh Café – buttery crêpes and artisanal ciders, for 1/10th the price of L’Arpège.
  3. Macéo – a vegetarian tasting menu alongside meaty options in a beautiful room.
  4. Fish – La Boissonnerie – good grapes, veggie options, and a delightful kiwi.
  5. Hidden Kitchen (tied with Soya) – an underground restaurant with a flexible chef. Update - the folks behind Hidden Kitchen have closed up the underground spot and opened a public wine bar and restaurant called Verjus. Same veggie-friendly principles apply.
  6. Soya (tied with Hidden Kitchen) – the only 100% veg restaurant we’d be caught dead in.

Runners up: Jeanne A.West Country GirlLe Cul de Poule

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