Forgotten dishes are given new life at Jadis, where old recipes meet technical rigor and today’s best ingredients.

Practical information

Address: 208 rue de la Croix Nivert, 75015
Nearest transport: Convention (12)
Hours: Closed Saturday and Sunday
Reservations: Book a few days in advance
Telephone: 01 45 57 73 20
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Average price for lunch: 20-34€
Average price for dinner: 35-49€
Style of cuisine: Classic French
Special attributes: open Monday
Type of crowd: foodies, neighborhood locals
Interior: bare bones & minimal
Atmosphere: casual

Reviews of interest

  • Thierry Richard (2009) “Des parfums de cuisine de jadis certes mais trempant la patte dans l’époque, assez maligne et délurée…”
  • Dorie Greenspan (2009) “…both really good — we all agreed we want to return — and really surprising (the ideal duo).”
  • Julot (2009) “… unpretentious, and very well mastered cooking.”
  • Alexander Lobrano (2008) “…one of the best new bistros to have opened in a very longtime.”
  • John Talbott (2008) “The chef…had an astounding idea – cook today’s best products in yesterday’s style – wow!”
  • François Simon (date unknown) “Vous ne serez pas deçu.”

About our listings
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