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Le Timbre

Previously run by English chef-owner Chris Wright, this postage stamp sized restaurant near Montparnasse has recently been revived by a French couple serving prix-fixe menus that range from 34-49€.

Practical information

Address: 3 rue Ste. Beuve, 75006
Nearest transport: Vavin (4)
Hours: Closed Sunday and Monday
Reservations: Book a few days in advance
Telephone: 01 45 49 10 40
Average price for lunch: 20-34€
Average price for dinner: €40-59
Style of cuisine: French Bistro

Reviews of interest

Emmanuel Rubin (2014) “… une humeur plus intimiste, bien soutenue par une cuisine du sensible. Avouons là comme une petite cuisine de chambre.”

John Talbott (2014) “A very soft, successful landing in a cherished old spot… you won’t be disappointed by the change.”

David Lebovitz (2010) “Every time I eat at Le Timbre, I wonder why I don’t eat at this petit restaurant more often.”

Barbra Austin via Girls’ Guide to Paris (2010) “A meal at the tiny le Timbre should leave bistro lovers with a big smile.”

François Simon (2008) “Un endroit minuscule, vingt couverts, un chef en vitrine…Séduit ? et oui !”

TimeOut “Chris Wright’s restaurant, open kitchen included, might be the size of the average student garret, but this Mancunian aims high…”

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