Mary Quarta charms everyone with her gelato, market fruit sorbets, warm smile, and ability to conquer any language barrier.

An absolute favorite

Practical information

Address: 1 rue Charles-François Dupuis, 75003
Nearest transport: Temple (3)
Hours: No set hours
Telephone: 01 73 74 88 22

Reviews of interest


Rachel Khoo (2012) “The raspberry sorbet is like eating fresh raspberries off the bush. Divine!”

David Lebovitz (2010) “I invariably choose chocolate as one of my flavors. It’s a decision I rarely regret, and this shiny-dark chocolate gelato was no exception.”

Barbra Austin (2010) “…the standout was a magnificent crema, tasting of sweet pure cream.”

Phyllis Flick (2010) “…if you want to taste one of the best, and certainly the newest addition to the Paris ice cream scene, head to Mary.”

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