Our Favorite Paris Restaurants

Le Cinq restaurant in Paris | parisbymouth.com
Le Cinq restaurant in Paris

Here is our short list of 35 favorite restaurants, based on anonymous and repeat visits. For the record, we never accept press invitations and we always pay full price. Feel free to share your reaction to this ranking and your own suggested favorites in the comments.

La Bourse et la Vie restaurant in Paris | parisbymouth.com
Pot au Feu at La Bourse et la Vie.

5 Favorite Classic Bistros

Bistro food done right, with fresh ingredients and thoughtful technique.

  1. La Bourse et La Vie (75002)
  2. Juveniles (75001)
  3. L’Assiette (75014)
  4. Bistrot Paul Bert (75011)
  5. Le Villaret (75011)
Tomy & Co. restaurant in Paris | parisbymouth.com
A bouquet of garden vegetables from Tomy & Co.

5 Favorite Modern & Creative Restaurants

Here you’ll find traditional French recipes or ingredients with a twist. There may be a tasting menu offered, but there are à la carte options, too.

  1. Tomy & Co. (75007)
  2. Papillon (75017)
  3. Mensae (75019)
  4. Ze Kitchen Galerie (75006)
  5. Semilla (75006)
Lobster with boudin noir and wild strawberries at Septime.

Contemporary Tasting Menus

We’ve divided our favorites in this category according to how pricey the set menu is.

5 Favorite Tasting Menus <100€

Innovative and no-choice tasting menus with optional wine pairings.

  1. Septime (75011) 42€ at lunch and 80€ at dinner
  2. Verjus (75001) 68€, dinner only
  3. Saturne (75002) 45€ or 85€ at lunch and 85€ at dinner
  4. Le Chateaubriand (75011) 70€, dinner only
  5. Restaurant Frenchie (75002) 45€ at lunch and 74€ at dinner

5 Favorite Tasting Menus over 100€

Pricier experiences featuring contemporary food & interiors with service that’s more relaxed than you’ll find in a haute cuisine environment.

  1. Akrame (75008) 65€ at lunch and 120€ or 160€ at dinner
  2. Yam’tcha (75001) 135€ at dinner
  3. Le Grand Restaurant (75008) 85€ at lunch; 195€, 255€ or 560€ at dinner
  4. Astrance (75016) 70€ or 150€ at lunch and 230€ at dinner
  5. David Toutain (75007) 55€ or 80€ at lunch and 110€ at dinner
Treasure from the wine cellar at Le Tour d’Argent.

5 Favorites for Haute Cuisine

Here you’ll find extremely pricey tasting menus in extraordinary settings with very formal, old-school service. Lunch is usually half the price at these establishments.

  1. Le Tour d’Argent (75005) 105€ at lunch and 350€ or 360€ at dinner
  2. Le Cinq (75008) 145€ or 210€ at lunch and 330€ at dinner
  3. Histoires (75016) 95€ or 240€ at lunch and 240€ or 350€ at dinner
  4. Ledoyen (75008) 145€ at lunch and 340€ or 580€ at dinner
  5. L’Arpège (75007) 145€ at lunch and 320€ or 390€ at dinner
Ellsworth restaurant in Paris | parisbymouth.com
Asparagus with raw cream at truffles at Ellsworth.

5 Favorite for Small Sharable Plates

Casual, youthful and relatively cheap. Creative compositions served in small format and often washed down with natural wines.

  1. Au Passage (75011)
  2. Le Grand Bain (75020)
  3. Ellsworth (75001)
  4. Clamato (75011)
  5. Clown Bar (75011)
Café Méricourt in Paris | parisbymouth.com
Breakfast roll with egg, bacon and chili jam at Café Méricourt

5 Favorite for Breakfast or Brunch

  1. Café Méricourt (75011) open Wednesday through Sunday
  2. Holybelly (75010) open every day of the week
  3. Ellsworth (75001) brunch on Sunday only
  4. Mokonuts (75011) open Monday through Friday
  5. Treize (75007) open Tuesday through Saturday

11 Comments on Our Favorite Paris Restaurants

  1. Hope u see this Paris Bound. I’ve been to Septime twice for lunch and it had the best food, setting & service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  2. Absolutely! Lunch is always cheaper at restaurants like this and a great way to try a chef’s cuisine at a lower price.

  3. Hi would you recommend Septime for lunch? They have a lunch menu for 30€. I’m eager to try the restaurant after I saw you rated it as top 1, but I can’t afford the six course tasting menu.

  4. We have eaten at Guy Savoy several times. The new restaurant is beautiful. The food this time was the best it has ever been. I know it is old school but to me, it is what three star should be.

  5. Hi Richard, for the moment we don’t have any absolute favorites in the 8th arrondissement. That may change in the future. Let us know if there’s something in that neighborhood you think we should consider.

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