Chef Laurent Delarbre has run the kitchen of this landmark since 2010, bringing modern sensibility to the menu while maintaining much of the restaurant’s classic repertoire, including the famous numbered ducklings.

Practical information

Address: 15 quai de la Tournelle, 75005
Nearest transport: Cardinal Lemoine (10) or Pont Marie (7)
Hours: Closed Sunday and Monday
Reservations: Book a week or two in advance
Telephone: 01 43 54 23 31

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Average price for lunch: More than 100€
Average price for dinner: More than 100€
Style of cuisine: Classic French, Haute Cuisine
Special attributes: haute cuisine, superior wine list, excellent cheese course, panoramic view, valet parking
Type of crowd: suits, tourists
Interior: elegant & luxe
Atmosphere: romantic

Reviews of interest

  • François Simon (2010) “…à la fois le répertoire daté de la Tour, une gastronomie muséifiée mais désarmante comme ces superbes  quenelles dans leur abstraction poudrée et soyeuse (toute une époque transformant à tour de bras). Le siècle est également présent avec ces plats tranchés, déstructurés, articulant ses diphtongues, procédant par phonèmes, onomatopées.”
  • Alexander Lobrano (2010) “…a formal space, elegantly decorated, a bit stiff, but the service was just as gallant as I remembered…would I go again? Yes, most definitely, and especially for the 65 Euro lunch menu, which is one of the best buys in town.”
  • John Talbott (2010) “…everything was perfect…an enormous staff, a monument to French cuisine, a superb view, a fine culinary theater piece and good ingredients.  In addition, I’ll bet if we went back next week the consistency would be impressive.  But there was no wow, no geewhiz, no razzle-dazzle…”

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