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Le Petit Cambodge

Practical information

Address: 20 rue Alibert, 75010
Nearest transport: Goncourt (11)
Hours: Lunch and dinner, Monday-Saturday; closed Sunday
Reservations: reservations not accepted
Telephone: 01 42 45 80 88
Average price for lunch: 10-19€
Average price for dinner: 10-19€
Style of cuisine: Cambodian, Laoatian, Vietnamese
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Reviews of interest

Le Fooding (2013) “In the big bowls: spring rolls, shrimp, pork or both, dusted with crushed peanuts… All good and honorable, the soft sesame nougat is exhilarated by ginger confit.”

Emmanuel Rubin – Le Figaro (2011) “Sympathique, même si l’on a connu Cambodge plus authentique…”

5 thoughts on “Le Petit Cambodge”

  1. Very disappointed, and puzzled by the popularity of this place. We had to wait 20min for a table, the waiter rudely referred to my husband and I as “les filles” (girls), then we had to write down what we wanted without being able to speak to the waiter, then we waited 45 min, saw our neighbours come, finish their meals and leave, and still no food. After finally finding a waiter who was willing to stop and speak to us (very difficult), we received no apologies, just that there were “many takeaway orders”. They finally brought us our mains, but had forgotten the entree, so we got that after the mains came, again with no apology. There were only three chopsticks on our table and it was a lot of hassle to find a waiter again who would talk to me in order up ask for a fourth one. He never brought it, and we ended up taking one from a neighbour who wasn’t using hers. There was no chance of getting a waiter to bring us some extra chilli so we didn’t even bother to try. Terrible, terrible, inattentive service. The food was OK but not authentic Cambodian. I didn’t like the way the rice was cooked, it was very like the french style of cooking rice, not sticky enough. No one in the restaurant (cooking, serving or dining) was Cambodian. We also had to line up again to pay in a huge line, very poorly organised. This place was full of Parisian hipsters, willing to line up for hours, sit in cramped conditions, be treated badly by wait staff and pay exorbitant prices for it. It was very expensive when compared to other Cambodian and vietnamese restaurants in Paris, probably about a third more expensive than normal, and with far inferior service and food quality. Will never go back here.

  2. was there last week. We had the shrimp salad and the chicken curry, and we loved both. The atmosphere was great. Definitely intend on going back.

  3. I had a reasonable lunch here, although I have to say the Bo Bun lacked flavour and any form of spice. The ingredients were fresh though and it was a fun place to sit and watch the world go by.

  4. Had the vegetarian soup there which was basically just a bowl of standard stock, some wilted coriander leaves, burnt garlic and caramelised onions (so it had a sweet taste on top of the burnt taste of the garlic) with a couple of (heavily overcooked) rice noddles. As a side dish they generally offered a small bowl of raw soybean sprouts….. This is supposed to be a main dish but you will still be hungry afterwards. Not nice and at 11 euros for a bowl I expect ( and have eaten) much better. Avoid.

  5. Ate lunch here today — had the bo bun avec crevettes — and will not go back. The crevettes were very overcooked (in stark contrast to something I love about Paris — very succulent shrimp in general), and the bowl overall was rather bland. For 18 euros apiece (we shared a Coke and dessert too), I could get a much better meal elsewhere. Caveat: the prices of drinks are 4-5 euros each; stick to water.

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