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Our Calendar of Summer Closures

As Bananarama once observed, referring to the closure of Paris restaurants in late July and August:

“It’s a cruel, cruel summer,
leaving us here on our own,
it’s a cruel, cruel summer
now they’re gone…”

But when exactly are they gone? The following schedules have been confirmed directly with the restaurants, and we’ll continue to build this list in the weeks ahead. You can also consult this calendar to see what’s open on a specific date.
















Roving Food Trucks


6 thoughts on “Our Calendar of Summer Closures”

  1. Party of four coming from Chicago to Paris to have the duck with olives at Allard

    Please tell wen hey are open in August and September.

    We will be in Paris from August 27 to Sep 5.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Hi Kristiina – Jacques Genin is closed from August 6-31, unfortunately. We hope you find some good stuff that’s open!

  3. Do you have info about Jacques Genin closure for August? I have been trying to get info but their e-mail is not answering and internet seems not to know. And also, thank you for the list, it’s very helpful. Especially the list of openings by date. Thanks!

  4. As of at least today, L’Office is already closed. I was wondering why they were not answering the phone yesterday or today to allow me to cancel my Thurs 7/26 reservation. I rode my bike over there today to see the place shuttered (and being renovated). Guess it pays to call to confirm or cancel…and glad I only wanted to cancel rather than confirm. I’d be S.O.L.

  5. I’m so happy that you are compiling this list again. I was curious as to whether you will also include the holiday schedule for bakeries as well. Many thanks in advance.

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