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Upcoming Food & Wine Tours

Our tours are lead by English-speaking food & wine professionals who share our passion for eating in Paris. The small-group food tours listed below are priced at €95 (including all tastings) and last around three hours. We keep these groups to 7- 8 participants in order to provide a more personalized experience for you and to ensure that we are welcome in shops of exceptional quality.  You can click the links below to learn more and to book directly online.

We also offer privatized versions of our food tours in Saint-Germainthe Marais and the Latin Quarter. For more information about private tours, just send us an email.

We are happy to accommodate any requests to avoid meat, gluten, dairy or alcohol, just let us know during the registration process.

Unfortunately we are unable to host kids under the age of 10. If you are registering for children under 15, please  send us an email so that we can help you choose the tour best suited for your family.

Click to read what people have been saying about our tours, and we hope to see you soon!



Wednesday June 29

  • Taste of Saint-Germain at 10am (sold out with wait list)
  • Taste of the Latin Quarter at 10am (sold out with wait list)
  • Taste of the Marais at 3:30pm (sold out with wait list)

Thursday June 30

  • Taste of the Latin Quarter at 10am (sold out with wait list)
  • Taste of the Marais at 10:30am (sold out with wait list)


Friday July 1

Saturday July 2

Sunday July 3

aMonday July 4

  • Taste of Saint-Germain at 4pm (sold out with wait list)

Tuesday July 5

Wednesday July 6

Thursday July 7

Friday July 8

Saturday July 9

Sunday July 10

  • Taste of the Left Bank at 10am (sold out with wait list)

Monday July 11

  • No Tours

Tuesday July 12

Wednesday July 13

  • Taste of the Latin Quarter at 10am (sold out with wait list)
  • Taste of the Marais at 10:30am (sold out with wait list)
  • Taste of the Latin Quarter at 3:30pm (sold out with wait list)

Thursday July 14

  • Bastille Day- No tours

Friday July 15

Saturday July 16

Sunday July 17

Monday July 18

  • No Tours

Tuesday July 19

Wednesday July 20

Thursday July 21

Friday July 22

Saturday July 23

Sunday July 24

  • Taste of the Left Bank at 11am (sold out with wait list)

Monday July 25

  • No Tours

Tuesday July 26

Wednesday July 27

Thursday July 28

Friday July 29

Saturday July 30

  • No Tours

Sunday July 31


Note: Due to shop closures in August, we are running a very limited number of tours.  We have confirmed with our high quality shops that they will be open during the times listed below. Unfortunately, we are unable to host private tours this month or add spots to the existing tours.  

If you would like to be added to our wait list, please  send us an email with number of people in your party and the dates you are available. We hope to see you there! 

Monday August 1

  • No tours

Tuesday August 2

Wednesday August 3

Thursday August 4

Friday  August 5

Saturday August 6

  • No tours

Sunday August 7

  • Taste of the Left Bank at 11am (sold out with wait list)

Monday August 8

  • No tours

Tuesday August 9

Wednesday August 10

Thursday August 11

Friday August 12

Saturday August 13

  • No tours

Sunday August 14

  • No tours

Monday August 15

  • No tours

Tuesday August 16

Wednesday August 17

Thursday August 18

Friday August 19

Saturday August 20

  • No tours

Sunday August 21

Monday August 22

  • No tours

Tuesday August 23

Wednesday August 24

Thursday August 25

Friday August 26

Saturday August 27

  • No tours

Sunday August 28

Monday August 29

  • No tours

Tuesday August 30

Wednesday August 31

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Food & Wine Tours”

  1. My wife and I went on the Tour of the Left Bank today with Phyllis. It was great, particularly because Phyllis combined great knowledge with an equally great attitude toward her “students.” We’re serious foodies, we’ve been to Paris many times, but we found that the tour gave us a new perspective on this wonderful city.

  2. Our tour with Catherine today was really great. She knew so much about the food, the area and French food etiquette it will really help us in our travelling and when we return home. Pity we don’t have the varieties of food that were available today, at home.

    We would recommend this tour to all people interested in food and the French style in particular.

  3. My husband and I booked the Marais food tour with Catherine Down in June…..The Paris by Mouth tour was the highlight of our food experience in Paris…..Wish we were there longer to have discovered another area of the city with her…..A MUST DO while in the city…..

  4. My wife, granddaughter, and I enjoyed the St Germain tour led by Sara on June 8. Sara was outgoing, professional, and quite knowledgeable about the cheese, pate, bread, and wine that we all enjoyed. Her interaction with the various merchants that we visited demonstrated that she knew them and their products. We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to return to Paris and enjoy another of your tours.

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