Paris has 10% of the World’s Best Bars

Photo by Meg Zimbeck

We already knew that Paris has great cocktail bars. But now the rest of the world does too.

10% of the best bars in the world, in fact.

Photo by Meg Zimbeck

5 Parisian watering holes placed in the Top 50 at the World’s Best Bars ceremony last night: CandelariaLe ForumLittle Red DoorLe Coq, and Sherry Butt.

Candelaria not only broke into the top 10 and but also took home top honors for Best Bar in Europe.


Paris Results:

4 Comments on Paris has 10% of the World’s Best Bars

  1. The infusions are what make CANDELARIA the tops. The genealogie from across the street at The Ritz didn’t hurt either.

  2. Have to say I had dinner at Candelaria last Summer. Did not try the cocktails but was very impressed by the highly skilled (and friendly) team behind the bar.

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