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Paris Restaurants for Ringing in the New Year

New Year’s Eve (December 31)

Staggeringly Expensive

  • Le Meurice – for 980€ not including drinks, the menu includes sea scallops with white Alba truffles, duck foie gras with black truffles, langoustines, turbot with caviar, lobster with pumpkin and black truffle, poularde with truffles, Brie de Meaux with truffles (are you sensing a theme?) and desserts. 
  • L’Abeille – for 700€ per person (down from 900€ in 2012), the nine-course menu will feature wild Belon oysters with an emulsion of vintage Champagne, sea urchins, smoked truffles, turbot, Bresse goose, cheese and two desserts. Wine pairings are included for each course. If you’re going to splurge on this level (which we probably never would), the deal at L’Abeille is far more interesting than the apparent rip-offs at Le Meurice at La Tour d’Argent. Reservation and prepayment via La Fourchette is required.
  • Les Ombres – for 430€ per person including Champagne, the multi-course menu includes a velouté of sunchokes and artichokes, a wild mushroom and black truffle tart, a “bonbon” of caviar, cabbage and Menton lemon with quail egg mimosa, smoked and grilled steak and several desserts. Unlimited Champagne, plus mineral water, coffee, and an Eiffel Tower view. Reservations via La Fourchette.
  • Senderens – for 400€ with wine pairings or 330€ without wine, the menu includes a beetroot meringue with black truffle, carpaccio of langoustines, sea scallop soufflé with black truffles, steamed duck foie gras in cabbage leaf with black truffles, a demi-deuil Bresse chicken suprême, French toast with orange & spices & truffle ice cream, coffee & petits fours.
  • Ciel de Paris – for 395€ (including Champagne throughout the meal) this panoramic restaurant will be serving foie gras, lobster, filet and ris de veau in pastry crust, plus dessert.

Very Expensive (more than 175€ without wine)

  • L’Agapé – for 220€ (not including wine), the “Black Diamond” eleven-course menu includes potatoes with caviar, sea scallops with black truffles, tempuras with truffle sauce, Brittany lobster with chestnuts and celery root, foie gras pot au feu with truffle, Bresse poulette with girolles, cheese and several desserts. Reservation via La Fourchette is required.
  • Qui Plume la Lune – for 200€ (not including drinks), the chef will be serving an 8-10 course tasting menu. Reservations via La Fourchette here.

Expensive (more than 90€ without wine)

  • Verjus is serving a festive tasting menu (think truffles, caviar, lobster, etc.) with Champagne and wine pairings. There will host two services, 18h30 to 21h30 and 22h to 1h. The first service is 150€ per person and the second service is 200€ per person (extra Champagne with the second service) including all drinks (coffee, water, wine).
  • Bar le Passage – for 115€ (not including drinks), the menu includes sea scallop soufflé with black truffle, Bresse chicken fricassée with creamy truffle sauce, Saint-Honoré cake with praline, coffee & petits fours. This is the more casual bar above the restaurant Senderens (described above).
  • Chamarré Montmartre – for 159€ (not including drinks), the menu includes shrimp with citrus caviar, warm oysters and clams with a sabayon of yuzu and herring caviar, a marbré of quail, foie gras and smoked eel with beetroot jus, lobster with squid in squid ink, duck breast with anchovies and orange, cheese and two desserts. Reservations via La Fourchette.
  • L’Auberge du 15 – for 120€ (not including wine), the multi-course menu will include chestnut soup with truffles and toasted almonds, sea scallops with buttered and truffled scallops, suprême de volaille fermière (farm-raised chicken) with roasted foie gras and truffled mashed potatoes, and dessert. 
Vegetarian starter at Macéo
Vegetarian starter at Macéo
  • Macéo – for 98€ (not including wine), the multi-course menu includes vegetarian options, beginning with chestnut carpaccio with truffle emulsion and a choice between starters (octopus cannelloni stuffed with lobster and crab, or pencil leeks with black truffle, or consommé of Bresse chicken with foie gras ravioli), and mains (sea scallops with caviar in a clam broth or baby cabbages stuffed with artichokes and mushrooms or filet of Aubrac beef with confit shallots and pumpkin purée), plus a choice of desserts.
  • Chez Géraud – for 110€ (including a glass of Champagne), the menu includes lobster ravioli with artichoke bisque, sauteed sea scallops with avocado and Granny Smiths, truffled poularde with a pot au feu of vegetables, plus dessert.
  • À La Marguerite for 150€ they are serving a nine-course dégustation menu (it’s unclear whether any drinks are included).
  • Miroir will be serving a six course menu for 150€ (reservations required). 
  • Also open, but not necessarily doing a special holiday meal: L’Ateliers de Joël Robuchon Saint-Germain & Etoile

Moderate (less than 90€)

  • Juveniles will be open for dinner on the 31st with a special menu, as yet undecided, and a special selection of wines, sold at retail price. There are still a few places left. 
  • Verjus Bar à Vin – the wine bar below the restaurant will be open and serving small plates (no holiday menu) and of course wine, and we expect it to be packed (really, really packed) and fun.
  • Willi’s Wine Bar – for 68€ (not including drinks) the menu will include house made gnocchi with parmesan and sage, a choice between starters (Thai shrimp salad or foie gras terrine) mains (sea bass or venison) and desserts (baba au rhum or chocolate). 
  • Au Clocher de Montmartre – for 89€ (including drinks) the menu includes a starter of foie gras with seasonal vegetables or velouté of pumpkin, Comté ravioli & truffle emulsion, followed by a main of sea bass or guinea hen, plus dessert.
  • Aux Verres de Contact – for 70€ (not including drinks), the menu will include a tartare of sea scallops, foie gras with homemade chutney, celery root raviolis with truffle in truffled beef broth, roasted sea bass, oysters, veal and veal sweetbreads, Mont d’Or cheese, chocolate cake.
  • Le Pharamond will be serving two different menus at 88€ or 98€ each with a glass of Champagne.
  • Le Dodin will be open and serving their usual menu but with a few festive suggestions (truffles, foie gras, caviar…)
  • La Buvette wine bar will remain open.
  • Brasseries and bouillons open 365 days/year: Le Pied de CochonChez Jenny and all of the Flo brasseries (Bofinger, La Coupole, Julien, Le Vaudeville, Terminus Nord, Brasserie Balzar, Le Boeuf sur le Toit), and Chartier (very inexpensive).

Open but Undecided

New Year’s Day (January 1)

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