Giovanni Passerini made a name for Rino with his modern market cooking and handmade pastas. He sold Rino in late 2013. NOW CLOSED

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Address: 46 rue Trousseau 75011 – NOW CLOSED

Reviews of interest

  • François Simon (2010) “…une table agréable et valeureuse.”
  • Barbra Austin (2010) “a parade of very pretty plates… a fantastic escabeche of rouget with white asparagus…sardine ravioli in fennel consommé…a thick, trembling cut of cod with pil pil sauce..”
  • Meg Zimbeck (2010) “I was delighted…There’s something really fun about looking at a menu and having no idea about the taste of the proposed dishes.”
  • Alexander Lobrano (2010) “Simple, sincere, delicious, intense, this was one of the best meals I’ve eaten in a longtime…”
  • Phyllis Flick (2010) “…daring market-based cuisine is light without the use of heavy sauces, using the best of seasonal ingredients including stunning vegetables…”
  • John Talbott (2010) “Great fish, wonderful chef and waitstaff, otherwise OK.”
  • Emmanuel Rubin – Le Figaro (2010) “Une cuisine d’entre slam et ring, tout à la fois énergique, dans l’élan, dans l’influx, épatante à jongler entre le naturel et le juteux…”

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1 Comment on Rino (CLOSED)

  1. such a disappointment. probably because we went there in 2012 and we cannot seem to find anything positive written about rino since 2010. way too small, practically sitting on our neighbours, excellent but overpriced wine list. there are 2 set menus, one is called ‘menu soir’ (4 dishes) the other ‘menu rino (6 dishes), we ordered 2 of the ‘menu soir’ the waitress suggested that we have one ‘petite’ and one ‘grand’ we thought this being variations of the ‘menu soir’ – but in fact it was one ‘menu soir’ and one ‘menu rino’ – why not call it ‘menu rino’ (we thought this was dishonest, my partner is french and he said that they way the server suggested this was ambiguous = dishonest, why!?). we were rushed through the various courses, whereas at chateaubriand, by contrast, we normally go through 2 bottles of wine at our own pace and have a chat with the wait staff and step outside for a smoke or 2, not possible here, they raced us through our courses (and apologised for it!? again, why!?) and we came in at 21.30! … the courses themselves were not very exciting, and were not even warm, starter of pasta filled with cheese with cucumbers (interesting combination, boring taste, cheese is just cheating), 2nd: fish with corn and creamed corn, boring. 3: steak with roasted aubergine and olive tapenade, boring and too many strong flavours all at once. dessert was semi freddo (melted) with rhubarb and berries. another thing, the actual serving sizes change from table to table! the group of guys next to us had much smaller servings than us! and the price for all that was 200 euros for 2 ppl. we had an AMAZING meal at chatomat the week prior, 3 courses with cheese, aperitif, wine and digestif less than 100 euros. seems like we need to go to the restos once they are a hit in the press, they seem to drop the standard afterwards. another thing, there are so many new restos/cafés opening with staff who have left rino, for example the excellent retro bottega and roseval, this seems to suggest that rino has a very high staff turnover. sadly we were very disappointed, which is rare with restos we find in lefooding and paris by mouth.

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