Ingredient fetishists will appreciate Sven Chartier’s reverence for product, and devotees of natural wines will love Ewen Lemoigne’s list.

Practical information

Address: 17 rue Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, 75002
Nearest transport: Bourse (3)
Hours: Lunch and dinner, Monday-Friday
Reservations: Book a few days in advance
Telephone: 01 42 60 31 90
Average price for lunch: Menu at 35€
Average price for dinner: Menus at 37€ and 59€
Style of cuisine: Modern French
Special attributes: prix-fixe, market-based cooking, prestige ingredients, superior wine list, open Monday

Reviews of interest

Fulgurances (2014) “Cette madeleine là, on ne l’avait jamais gouté… Elle est croustillante sur les bords, presque caramélisée, et d’un moelleux jouissif qui flirte avec le financier. Ses notes mielleuses explosives entrelacées de thym et de romarin, cette pellicule beurrée qui caressent les lèvres…sans la connaître, on l’a reconnu.”

Aaron Ayscough (2011) “Worst hospitality in the solar system.”

Bruno Verjus (2011) “Voyage encore pour le merlu de ligne. En poisson de saison, il s’habile de notes de feu avec un sabayon fumé de sarments de vigne et quelques herbes côtières…Une cuisine d’artisan, pure et gourmande, sans aucune agression, à l’égal des vins organiques d’Even Lemoigne…”

Sophie Brissaud (2011) “J’aime beaucoup Saturne, son chef semi-viking (ainsi que le surnomme mon compagnon de table, qui est, lui, totalement viking), son sens de la fraîcheur et du vivant, son talent légumier…J’aime ce décor et cet éclairage, ces rayonnages de bouteilles rappelant une bibliothèque…”

Patricia Wells (2011) “…this is a place that I am going to want to return to again and again. What we want today is fresh, inventive fare that is at once familiar and surprisingly new and Saturne delivers… The blond wood decor and airy glass roof is warming, and service (despite a bit of confusion over a reservation)  is attentive and correct.”

Dorie Greenspan (2010) “everything was bright and fresh and mostly raw (now, having had a little time to reflect, I’m thinking that when the thermometer drops below freezing and the restaurant is so chilly that the servers draw the curtains to keep the drafts at bay, it would have been nice to have some cooked food on the menu).”

Phyllis Flick (2010) “Chartier’s terroir-driven cuisine is focused on bringing out the best in exceptional products, so sauces and spices are minimal…The small details from the quality of the bread, to the delicious madelines served with coffee, all point to a team who are passionate about what they do.”

John Talbott (2010) “…white tuna with a thin leek and subtle mushroom sauce and…calamari with nicely coriander-dressed, incredible heirloom tomatoes and subtle eggplant sauce…were clearly among the best firsts of the rentree.”

Barbra Austin (2010) “I loved the late-season tomato mille-feuille with deep red jam countered by a fresh green slice and delicate pastry.  Assertive mackerel was accompanied by thin grilled leeks, clean cucumbers, and herbs…The worst thing I could say about anything of Chartier’s dishes is that they sometimes border on boring…Fish with steamed spinach, no matter how fresh and perfectly cooked, will not convert any skeptics who are, let’s face it, paying good money to eat here.”

Alexander Lobrano (2010) “…had a slightly puzzling chat about which wine to drink with dinner with sommelier Ewen Lemoigne… Unfortunately they hadn’t yet gotten around to printing up the wine list yet, so Lemoigne, an ardent believer in natural and biodynamic wines, suggested a Saint Peray, which was pleasant enough but shading to a bit more sweetness than would have been ideal with the menu that followed.”

Bruno Verjus (2010) “Ewen Lemoigne, ludion enjoué, témoigne d’une rare sommellerie, celle d’un homme pour qui le vin est un être vivant. Une sommellerie de chair, de substance, du sentiment. L’association de ces deux exceptions gastronomiques et oenologiques, place Saturne, d’ores et déjà, parmi les meilleures tables de Paris.”