Pietro Russano, human whirlwind and proprietor of beloved 11ème cave-à-manger La Retro’bottega, opened this bare-bones, breathtakingly underdesigned wine shop in 2014, presumably to help contain the overflow of his restaurant’s groaning stock shelves. An instant contender for the worst-named establishment in Paris, Squatt nonetheless endears for the omnivorous, anything-goes philosophy of its mostly organic, half-Italian wine selection, as well as for its laudable selections of geeky beers and Italian specialties. It’s a good back-pocket address for anyone craving offbeat Italian wines – and, for rue de la Roquette, an immensely more characterful alternative to the other wine shop in the immediate vicinity: a comparatively sad and straitlaced outlet of the Nicolas chain.

— Aaron Ayscough, December 2015

Practical information

Address: 112 rue de la Roquette, 75011
Nearest transport: Voltaire (9)
Hours: Closed Sunday & Monday
Telephone: 01 71 24 82 80

Reviews of interest

Burnt Cream (2014) “Refreshingly relaxed and unassuming, you’ll find an interesting selection of French, Italian and other European (e.g. Greek) natural wines, as well as beer and high-quality Italian cheeses, charcuterie and breads.”

Aaron Ayscough (2014) “Squatt is overstuffed with unusual French and Italian selections, not to mention sincere personality…I’ll be returning for outlier wines and Calabrian chili flakes and for a more inspired, idiosyncratic alternative to his next door neighbor.”

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