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Summer dining

Dining this Summer: What’s open by date

Looking for the most recent information? Here’s our latest post What’s Open in August? Our 2014 Calendar of Paris Restaurant Closures

Summer Hours are Hard.

It’s not easy to figure out what’s open in late July and August, so we’ve compiled the following schedule of what’s open in Paris, confirming dates directly with the restaurants and accounting for both their holidays and regular weekly closures. You can also look up holiday schedule for your favorite restaurant on our calendar of summer closures.

Open Monday July 23

Open Tuesday July 24

Open Wednesday July 25

Open Thursday July 26

Open Friday July 27

Open Saturday July 28

Open Sunday July 29

Open Monday July 30

Open Tuesday July 31

Open Wednesday August 1

Open Thursday August 2

Open Friday August 3

Open Saturday August 4

Open Sunday August 5

Open Monday August 6

Open Tuesday August 7

Open Wednesday August 8

Open Thursday August 9

Open Friday August 10

Open Saturday August 11

Open Sunday August 12

Open Monday August 13

Open Tuesday August 14

Open Wednesday August 15

Open Thursday August 16

Open Friday August 17

Open Saturday August 18

Open Sunday August 19

Open Monday August 20

Open Tuesday August 21

Open Wednesday August 22

Open Thursday August 23

Open Friday August 24

Open Saturday August 25

Open Sunday August 26

Open Monday August 27

Open Tuesday August 28

Open Wednesday August 29

Open Thursday August 30

Open Friday August 31

Open Saturday September 1

Open Sunday September 2

Café Pouchkine

Bûche de Noël Teaser

We’re counting down the days until Christmas with a new Bûche de Noël every morning, but here’s a quick peek in video form of what’s to come…

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