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Mapped: Paris’ Best Lemon Tarts

Earlier this week, we published the results from our taste test of the best lemon tarts in Paris and you’ve been clamoring for a map of the addresses ever since. Your wish is our command. Go forth, eat tarts, and let us know which tarte au citron you want to be your main squeeze. Continue reading Mapped: Paris’ Best Lemon Tarts

Paris’ Best Lemon Tarts

Each month we’ll put the focus on a particular Parisian pastry, collect the best examples of classic & creative interpretations, then invite an esteemed panel of food experts & enthusiasts to evaluate them in a blind taste test. This month: Lemon Tarts. 

‘Tis the Season for Citrus

Citrus is in season right now and lemon tarts, a perennial Parisian favorite, are in abundance at pâtisseries all over town.  Because your time – and calories – shouldn’t be wasted on mediocre pastry, we organized a panel (more about our judges below) to blind taste and identify the best tarte au citron. Continue reading Paris’ Best Lemon Tarts