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La Tete dans Les Olives restaurant in Paris | parisbymouth.com

La Tête dans les Olives

Cédric Casanova works with olive growers in western Sicily to produce a line of superb oils, available at this closet of a shop along with smoked and dried fish, wild oregano and other Sicilian specialties. One private table for five featuring these products is available for dinner (and sometimes lunch), but you’ll have to book far in advance if you want it to be yours. Reservations by email only at latable@latetedanslesolives.com.

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Blogger Buzz: La Tête Dans Les Olives

serve it olive oilCasanova is an olive oil lover.  Cédric Casanova, that is, the man behind (or with?) La Tête Dans Les Olives, the closet-sized boutique that becomes a table d’hote for five lucky souls at lunch time.

Cédric is a grossiste, or wholesaler, but that’s an awfully crass way to describe what he really does, which is cultivate relationships with olive growers in western Sicily who make the dozen or so superb oils on the shop shelves, each one named after its producer: Bianca, Nunzio, Salvatore…

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