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Prodigal chefs return to cook with Passard

For two days in November, chef Alain Passard will be partnering for a series of meals with his former acolytes – chefs who worked for him at L’Arpège before moving on and gaining acclaim with their own restaurants. The list is impressive, and you’ll find the following chefs working together with Passard to create 100€ meals. Continue reading Prodigal chefs return to cook with Passard


Practical information

Address: 84 rue de Varenne, 75007
Nearest transport: Varenne (13)
Hours: Closed Saturday & Sunday; Open Monday-Friday for lunch & dinner
Reservations: Book many weeks in advance
Telephone: 01 45 51 47 33
Average price for lunch: More than 100€
Average price for dinner: More than 100€
Style of cuisine: Modern French, haute cuisine
Website   Facebook

Reviews of interest

Patricia Wells (2011) “A big disappointment, once again. We sampled the 120 euro garden luncheon, and Passard turns out to be a real Johnny one note in the potager… course after monotonous, unimaginative course turned out a little more than I could bear of carrots, beets, turnips, onions. Dish after dish I kept waiting for Passard to finish the sentence. But he never did.”

Simon Says (2010) “… Passard… cultive lui-même ses légumes non loin de Paris, travaille le thème dans tous les sens, son restaurant est sans doute l’un des meilleurs observatoires sur le thème.”

Chez Ptipois (2009) “… le poème végétal d’Alain Passard s’élève désormais avec une délicatesse infinie, une maîtrise arrivée au stade du jeu permanent.”

Ulterior Epicure (2009) “… Rarely does a chef cook vegetables well. Even scarcer is a chef who can cook vegetables well AND do something interesting with them… Passard does both, and more.”

Food Snob (2009) “… there is Passard’s panache and flair, his creative and culinary genius to contend with. This is most keenly felt via his valuable vegetables.”