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  • L’Ecailler du BistrotThe “bistrot” in question is carnivore-heaven Paul Bert, just next door. But at L’Ecailler the focus is on seafood, including a gorgeous array of Belon, Utah Beach, and Spéciales.
  • Freddie’s DeliKristin Frederick (of the food truck Le Camion qui Fume) has opened up a stationary restaurant serving hot American style sandwiches.
  • Le ChateaubriandYou can only reserve for the first seating at Le Chateaubriand. After that, you'll have to wait in line with everyone else for a stab at Iñaki Aizpitarte's unique menu.
  • Le 6 Paul BertA promising eatery from the people behind the Bistrot Paul Bert, one that has more in common with Le Dauphin or Au Passage than a classic Paris bistro.


  • Africasounds great , where can i book a tour like that ?
  • Alexa PerlmutterMy family of 10 recently did a "Paris By Mouth"