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Pho 14

You can quibble over whether it’s the best Vietnamese spot in Paris, but it’s undeniably one of the most popular, with perennially long lines snaking out the door. Turnover is fast and you’ll be your eating steaming bowl of #1 (our favorite ph?) soon enough: thinly sliced strips of raw beef, meatballs, and (optional) stomach. The selection of starters is limited, but the pork nems (spring rolls) are always a good bet, as are the chewy banh cuon (steamed pork & mushroom dumplings with slices of ham on top). A great option when you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful surly.

-Catherine Down, January 2015

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Song Heng

Pho and bo bun are the only things on the menu at this vestpocket Vietnamese, where the seating is very, very tight.

Practical information

Address: 3 rue Volta, 75003
Nearest transport: Arts et Metiers (3, 11)
Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.; closed Sunday
Reservations: not accepted
Telephone: 01 42 78 31 70

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Average price for lunch: under 10€
Average price for dinner: n/a
Style of cuisine: Southeast Asian
Special attributes: open Monday
Type of crowd: neighborhood locals
Interior: bare bones & minimal
Atmosphere: bustling

Reviews of interest

  • Barbra Austin (2010) “if you are hungry, have €10 in your pocket and like bo bun or pho, head to rue Volta.”

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