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  • CheZalineDelphine Zampetti, recently of Le Verre Volé, has opened this bright spot, serving sandwiches, salads, and plats du jour for under 10€, to stay or to go. Natural wines, too.
  • Caffé dei CioppiAlmost universally adored, this tiny spot, hidden from the street, is the Italian restaurant everyone wishes were in their neighborhood.
  • Canal Saint Martin: Our Guide to Eating & Drinking It There are few neighborhoods that are nicer for strolling than the area around the Canal Saint-Martin.
  • ClamatoA seafood and shellfish-centric joint from Bertrand Grébaut of Septime.


  • Africasounds great , where can i book a tour like that ?
  • Alexa PerlmutterMy family of 10 recently did a "Paris By Mouth"