The fact that it’s named for a Nick Cave song hints that this is a crêperie that’s cooler than most. Cool? Yes. And tasty.

Practical information

Address: 6 passage Saint-Ambroise 75011
Nearest transport: Saint-Ambroise (9) or Parmentier (3)
Hours: Closed Sunday night (open Sunday brunch) and all day Monday
Reservations: Last minute booking usually OK
Telephone: 01 47 00 72 54

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Average price for lunch: 10-19€
Average price for dinner: 10-19€
Style of cuisine: Breton / crêpes
Special attributes: prix-fixe, comfort food, vegetarian options, good for solo dining, open Monday
Type of crowd: hipsters, bobos, neighborhood locals, families
Interior: quirky & playful
Atmosphere: casual

Reviews of interest

  • David Lebovitz (2014) “Crêperies are a dime a dozen in Paris, but this one stands out. The owners—a young French couple—put so much care into every dish. The ingredients are impeccably sourced; the dark, musky buckwheat honey comes from Brittany, as do the sparkling-fresh oysters, which arrive daily.”
  • Patricia Wells (2011) “Galettes can be leaden or ethereal, and here in this small, 50’s-style diner they are truly outstanding — parchment-paper thin and golden. (The selection is huge, including mimolette and spinach; Camembert and bacon; goat cheese and spinach; bacon and mushrooms.)”
  • David Lebovitz (2009) “…an address I’m happy to travel to…”
  • Thierry Richard (2009) “…une crêperie reliftée nouvelle vague…et une clientèle gentiment branchée et cosmopolite…”
  • Meg Zimbeck (2009) “…carefully made crêpes with a side order of indie cool…”

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