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Cantine California by Grant Rosenberg

Another food truck hits Paris

After the wild success of Le Camion Qui Fume, Paris now has a second food truck to stalk. The Cantine California opened for business this week selling burgers, carnitas, and red velvet cupcakes at the Marchés Raspail and Saint-Honoré.

The products are 100% organic and the menu offerings range from breakfast burritos and buttermilk pancakes to avocado burgers and enchiladas. Homemade cupcakes and milkshakes are available for dessert or between-meal snacks.

The truck is run by a pair of Jordans. Boy Jordan is a Canadian who spent time in California and then married a Frenchie. Lady Jordan is a graduate of the Ferrandi cooking school – the same school that graduated Kristin Frederick from Le Camion Qui Fume.

Speaking of Kristin, I spoke to her during the week that Le Camion Qui Fume had been temporarily shut down. She mentioned that part of her (now resolved) bureaucratic problem was related to the city’s need to reevaluate how to they wanted to handle the hundreds of food truck permit applications they have received in recent months. Based on this, I think we can expect many more food trucks to hit the pavement in the coming year.

In the meantime, the schedule for the Cantine California seems to be:

  • Tuesdays at le Marché Raspail: 10am-12pm: brunch; 12-2:30pm for lunch
  • Wednesdays at le Marché Saint-Honoré: 12-2:30pm for lunch; 3-7pm for cupcakes and shakes; 7-8:30pm for dinner
  • Fridays at le Marché Raspail: 10am-12pm: brunch; 12-2:30pm for lunch
  • Saturdays at le Marché Saint-Honoré: 9:30am-3pm: brunch and lunch

If you’ve tried it, let us know!

9 Replies to “Another food truck hits Paris”

  1. I was delving into the paradise that is called fall harvest at a Paris market; figs from Provence, plums from Ardèche, apricots from Roussillon, when I spotted this food truck. I may live here, but my roots are 3rd generation Californian, and they promised the salsa had lots of heat, so I gave it a try. Hmmm…. flour tortillas? I was so sad. Oh, and no one has told them that Baja style tacos are fish tacos. The black beans were crunchy to the point of inedible (there were three plates of them in the trash, it wasn’t just me) and the carnitas were dry. On the other hand, I did get my heat fix and the crowd was scarfing back those burgers.

  2. A Wall Street Journal article (not on the web) was entitled “1st Taco Truck As American As Fajita Pie” and noted that it travelled in NYC and was started by two non-Latina women in the 1960’s. Who woulda thunk it?

  3. Soon we’ll be wondering what constitutes a food truck, and what constitutes a simple burger van (similar to those that have already been existence for decades at certain points around the city).

    I can’t imagine this fashion lasting for too long, simply because it must be horrible to work in those vans!

  4. Went today at Marché Hon. at 1pm…waited over an hour! They ran out of everything except burgers (which were AMAZING!)

    Clearly a few supply chain bugs to be worked out, but excellent food. Will be back to try pulled pork etc. There was a lot of prep that could have been done beforehand. Once they get in the groove I think this place will be great.

  5. Great news. Now that everybody will be going to queue at the food trucks, perhaps we’ll have a chance to enter some restaurants again!

  6. I’ve tried it last saturday. And I loved it. I strogly recommand the cali classic with avocado, red onions and bacon. Yummy.

    They offered me a cupcake also, which was great.

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