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Au Clocher de Montmartre


What people are were saying

John Talbott (2012) “… a break-through for the (Mont)montagnards; like Hillary planting a flag atop Everest, the existence of decent food on the top of our hill is noteworthy… my only beef with this place is that its menu has too much tilt towards club sandwiches, salads and brunch stuff and too few traditional French food offerings.”

Alexander Lobrano (2012) “This is an intensely customer-friendly restaurant that has been very shrewdly conceived to appeal to the time-short life and times of both tourists–this place is right behind the Sacre Coeur, and Parisians, since you can eat what you want, when you want and in any quantity or sequence that makes you happy.”

Table à Découvert (2012) “Le quartier peu occupé un mardi à midi pourrait, sans vouloir tomber dans le cliché, vous faire croire avoir été projeté dans une autre époque, un peu à l’image du film de Woody Allen Minuit à Paris… Côté prix, les entrées varient de 7 à 13€, les plats de 12 à 23€, les desserts sont à 8€. On peut donc s’en tirer très bien pour 20€, comme pour 35€.”

John Talbott (2012) “Le Clocher de Montmartre is Antoine Heerah’s third place (after Chamarré Montmartre & Moulin de la Galette, neither of which I liked much) and will become, I predict, the only restaurant over 100 meters on the Mont worth visiting in short order.”

Philippe Toinard (2012) “Au Clocher, on picore un peu à toute heure. On ne pousse pas la porte pour suivre le schéma entrée, plat et dessert. Une envie d’œufs? Pas de souci, à la crème et aux morilles. Vous êtes plutôt tarte salée ? Au choix, au crabe ou à la betterave et à la ricotta. A moins que vous ne préfériez une soupe? Noodles et ravioles ou courge à l’huile de truffe et sa part de  brioche au curcuma.”

4 Replies to “Au Clocher de Montmartre”

  1. Unfortunately this past weekend we had a very bad experience on par with other recent comments here (which I neglected to read before booking, alas!). Laughably slow service. Mediocre to bad food (even something as simple as a hamburger took over an hour and did not come out right). I would recommend removing this spot from your otherwise very trustworthy list.

  2. Interesting; I went first January 20th 2012 and loved it; then with friends March 23rd and it was still OK; but my last time with Colette November 22nd there were fewer items, fewer appealing items and it was simply not as good. I reviewed Antoine de Montmartre Dec 6th and subtitled it: “A bridge too far.” I was never passionate about Herrah’s Chamarre & Moulin de la Galette either but I think he’s run out of steam or ideas or consistency.

  3. I would have to agree. One of the worst meals I have ever had. We ate there for the first time 2 weeks ago. There were six of us, with three of us ordering the beef cheek ‘Noix de joue de bœuf ‘. Instead of being tender and soft, as it should be, it was sinewy and tough. I have never sent food back before and I hate to waste food but the three of us sent this dish back. By the time our other dishes arrived our other three guests had finished their meal. The fries served with the burger and entrecote (my second round) was inconsistent, with one person’s fries almost raw and uncooked, with mine being cooked well. I would not go back there again.

  4. We dined at Au clocher de Montmartre October 2012 and it was dreadful. Did Mr. Heerah make some changes? Was it an off night? We were really bummed about it. Probably one of the worst meals we had in Paris.

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