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Le Castor Club Bar in Paris |

Castor Club

Le Castor Club Bar in Paris |
Photo: Le Castor Club

Hidden behind an unmarked wooden door near Odéon, Castor Club is easy to miss even for local Parisians. But the discretion is part of the appeal. An anonymous façade leads you into an intimate cocktail bar enveloped in deep green velvet and flatteringly low lighting, with wooden stools only enough to sit handful of guests. Behind the bar, Thomas Codsi, shares inventive yet subtle concoctions with fresh seasonal ingredients. Don’t hesitate to go for signature cocktails like Chirac 95, a twist on a whiskey sour with calvados (along with génépi, spiced apple shrub, egg white, and lemon), or for Turkish Delight (pisco, gum arabic, chartreuse, pistachio cream, lemon and nut meg), and for those less adventurous, a perfectly executed classic Manhattan.

Practical information

Address: 14 Rue Hautefeuille, 75006
Hours: Closed Sunday and Monday; Open Tuesday & Wednesday from 7PM-2AM; Open Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 7PM-4AM
Telephone: 09 50 64 99 38

Castor Club in pictures

What people are saying

Le Parisien (2017) says “with its wooden walls, hunting scenes and blues soundtrack, we leave the bar with the impression of having being lost in a Canadian cabin deep in the forest,” giving a special love to “Banana Flip: rum, banana syrup, quail egg, dry sherry, light crème fraîche with a hint of nutmeg.”

L’express (2017) nominates Le Castor Club as one of the 10 best artisanal cocktails in Paris that has been “a benchmark for Parisian bartenders” with its “ambitious and seasonal ingredients that caters to passionate cocktail enthusiasts.”

2 Replies to “Castor Club”

  1. Let me preface this review with the following:
    I never had a bad experience in a bar in 40 years.
    I have been drinking in bars in Paris since 1977
    A guy in a restaurant suggested I go have a drink at this place, “it’s fun and two minutes from restaurant…first problem was no sign outside…walked in to tiny bar with primarily American college aged kids..Bartender hands me a “menu” with about 20 silly “little girl” drinks for $15 euros… asked for a Barcadi and coke..prentenious french bartender says “we don’t serve coke or Barcardi” should have left then…but didn’t..ordered a shot of rum on ice…after drinking the lousy rum, I get a bill for 15 euro…looked at the fool bartender and said “really”…his idiotic reply was “this is drinking in France” my reply ” I have been drinking in Parisen bars before you were born”…paid the bill and left to write this while I was still sober…I am sure if you need to either “impress”or try to f..k a young dumb American girl, this is your place…otherwise stay away from the joint..or spend too much money for some dumb drinks, made by a fool bartender.
    Visited in October

  2. I heard the bartender can be very “pushy” to order, and will deny service to anyone he sees fit; has anyone confirmed this behavior? There are places in the States that actually are known for “rude service, and bad behavior toward guests” as a type of atmosphere they’re selling. Perhaps that is what this particular establishment is also doing; as a sort of niche behavior? I am truly curious. It would just be what is expected, and then can be prepared for the faint of heart. Thank you for your time, this sounds fun!

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