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Cat Café To Open in the Marais

Image via Hannibal Poenaru on Flickr
Image via Hannibal Poenaru on Flickr

Want a side of cats with your coffee?

Inspired by neko cafes in Japan, Margaux Gandelon launched a successful crowd-sourced fundraising campaign to open a café where the catless masses can purchase feline affection alongside artisanal teas, hot chocolate, coffee, salads, tarts and brunch.

She expects to launch Le Café des Chats this fall in the Marais with a troupe of rescue kitties who will be neutered, vaccinated and carefully tended to by waitstaff and veterinarians. The tea salon will be ideal for families with apartments too small for pets, stressed people needing to unwind, and closeted cat ladies.

In her fundraising video on Indiegogo, Gandelon describes how a customer will “enter Le Café des Chats and the odor of housemade tarts in the oven will welcome you.” Yes, it is the odor of homemade tarts that will greet you. Not the odor of a dozen cats.


  1. Does anyone know where exactly in the Marais this coffee shop is? I need to go there on my next trip to Paris!

  2. This is so exciting. I cannot wait to go and I so wish we could have this where I live in Pa.

  3. Is it me or does this sound like an old lady’s version of the good old bar à putes ?

  4. “purchase feline affection”?? how absurd (note to self: avoid this place by all means)

    S, happy mother of 4 (cats)

  5. Why oh why did this cat café not open sooner in Paris?? There were months when I desperately just wanted to go somewhere and pet a cat. Then I just buckled and adopted a cat.

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