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Address: 5, rue saint Bernard, 75011
Hours: Open Monday-Friday 8:45am-6pm. Closed Saturday & Sunday.
Telephone: +33 9 80 81 82 85
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Our Review

We have not yet reviewed this restaurant. Below you’ll find a summary of reviews to see what others are saying about it.

In Other Words

The New York Times (2019) is overwhelmed by Mokonuts’ daring decision to shutter for dinner, noting that the “the succinct, hyper-seasonal menu at Mokonuts, with its thoughtful natural wine list, reads like it’s for a fancy dinner. But the cafe is open only for breakfast and lunch.”

Maison David

Practical information

Address: 6 rue des Ecouffes, 75004
Nearest transport: Saint Paul (1)
Hours: Closed Saturday and Monday; Open Tuesday-Thursday for lunch, and dinner till 7pm; Open Friday for lunch, and dinner till 5pm; Open Sunday 10am-7pm
Reservations: Walk-Ins Welcome
Telephone: 01 42 78 15 76
Average price for lunch: 20-39€
Average price for dinner: 20-39€
Style of cuisine: Jewish
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Reviews of interest

John Talbott (2011) “A tiny place, a short plexiglass counter with all sorts of meats and herring and gravlax… 4-5 spots on which to set a piece of coldcut, a glass of wine or a plate….Go? If you’re two, don’t mind standing, chatting and stuffing yourself with great meat – be my guest!”

Photo courtesy of Maison David’s Facebook page


Practical information

Address: 14 rue de la Banque, 75002
Nearest transport: Bourse (3)
Hours: Open Monday-Friday for lunch and dinner; Open Saturday for dinner only; Open Sunday for lunch only
Reservations: Book a day or two in advance
Telephone: 01 55 35 00 66
Average price for lunch: 20-39€
Average price for dinner: 40-59€
Style of cuisine: Lebanese
Website   Facebook   Book online

Reviews of interest

Figaroscope (2011) “Pour manger avec classe du bout des doigts, on n’a pas trouvé mieux que les mezze de cette table libanaise…”


This might be the most pedigreed kebab you’ll ever eat: prepared by Le Chateaubriand alum Frédéric Peneau with meat from butcher Hugo Desnoyer, homemade spelt flatbread, and herbs from Annie Bertin. Veal, lamb, or pork (depending on the day), the kebabs are served with your choice of white sauce (fromage frais and horseradish) or green (a barely spicy, green tomato and pepper sauce). A vegetarian option beyond the fries will be available soon. There aren’t any seats on-site, or even in the immediate vicinity, so be prepared to eat it on the go.

Chez Marianne

This is no longer included among the favorite 350 addresses that make up Our Guide to Paris Restaurants. We’ve maintained this page so that you can refer to the practical information and other reviews of interest. Feel free to share your own opinion in the comments.

Practical information

Address: 2 rue des Hospitaliéres St. Gervais, 75004
Nearest transport: St. Paul (1)
Hours: Open every day
Reservations: Last minute booking usually OK
Telephone: 01 42 72 18 86
Average price for lunch: 10-19€
Average price for dinner: 10-19€
Style of cuisine: Jewish
Special attributes: small plates, vegetarian options, outdoor dining, continuous all-day service, open Sunday, open Monday

Reviews of interest

David Lebovitz (2008) ” If you’re craving something other than French food, the middle eastern combination salads here offer a bit of a respite…”