Chéri Bibi


Former Address: 15 rue André del Sarte, 75018

What people are were saying

Meg Zimbeck for BlackBook (2009) “Arty flea market decor sets a warm scene for the rustic country cooking. All-you-can-eat terrine followed by crotch-grabbing masculine faves: boudin noir, andouillette, steak-frites.

John Talbott (2008) “It’s edgy, it’s hip, it’s happening, no doubt….But the food…”

4 thoughts on “Chéri Bibi”

  1. E says:

    LOVED Cheri Bibi. The food was so good and the service was friendly. Nice quiet escape from the tourism. We really enjoyed our evening.

  2. M says:

    I rather liked dinner here. Warm, friendly service with tasty food, made this a very pleasant evening. It did get a little warm inside, but then we were there in the heart of summer. Par for the course.

  3. forest says:

    update: someone just told me that barman Houssin comes down from La Famille for the special monthly Mondays, also, to do his liquid nitrous drinks.

  4. forest says:

    Also worth noting is that they have their monthly cheap menu night. 10 Euros for the menu i believe (no choice, so not something for veggies) i havn’t tried the 10 Euros menu night (which i believe falls on a Monday and I’m not sure which one) so can’t say if it’s good.

    As for the usual nights, i totally get why some people aren’t crazy about it. But, i really enjoy it for what it is.

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