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Costco is Coming to France

The American behemoth Costco announced that it will be setting up its shop in the Parisian suburbs in spring 2015. This will be the first of 25 shops they hope to open over the next two decades.

We don’t expect this to make much of an impact on the lives of Parisians, who generally don’t drive and lack the space to store more than six rolls of toilet paper at once. But the suburbs and the countryside? They’re going to love it.

(via Grub Street, Le Figaro)

One Reply to “Costco is Coming to France”

  1. I will so LOVE it when they open in Toulouse …. ! Best store in the world for just everything. The quality is superb, the staff particularly at Reading are sublime, and the return policy is legendary ….. Loving having you in North Lakes Qld Australia (wish it was larger though) and Toulouse will be the hat trick …. if I have to drive to Paris I just will …. the owner needs a big hug, his ethics are to be admired for supplying quality products at affordable prices ….

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