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Cupcake Camp Comes to Paris

Cupcake CampFollowing similar events in New York, San Francisco and other cities, Paris will be hosting its very own Cupcake Camp this week on July 4.

What’s a Cupcake Camp? An excuse to gorge yourself on sprinkles, basically. Local cupcake makers including Berko, Synie’s Cupcakes, Chloé S., Cupcakes & Co., and Little Miss Cupcake will be sharing sweets and baking tips, and participants will be tasting and voting for the winning cupcakes in categories like Most Patriotic cupcake, Cupcake with the Most Unusual Ingredient, etc.

There’s a €10 entry fee that covers the cupcakes and a beverage, and a portion of each entry will benefit the charity Rebuilding Haiti Now.

When: Sunday, July 4 from 4:30-6:30pm

Where: Bistrot Vivienne, 4 rue des Petits Champs 75002 Paris

Read more about Cupcake Camp here, and more about the cupcake trend from Amy Thomas at the Girls’ Guide to Paris

2 Replies to “Cupcake Camp Comes to Paris”

  1. Looks like such fun.
    wish I was there..even though I am not an eater of cupcakes I would love to see others stuff themselves 🙂
    Must plan next trip accordingly!

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