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Candelaria to Open Fried Chicken Joint

Quixotic Projects, the team behind Candelaria, Glass, and Le Mary Celeste, will be opening a Korean fried chicken joint named Hero at 289 rue Saint-Denis, 75002 on Friday, April 10th. 

Chef Haan Palcu-Chang, last seen in the basement (kitchen) of Le Mary Celeste, has crafted a menu of 8-10 other dishes that will be priced “between 5-15€ to share along with the chicken, or to create a meal around if you are not feeling like chicken,” according to owner Josh Fontaine. The plates will be inspired by Palcu-Chang’s years living in Korea and the team’s travels in Asia.

Hero will serve lunch, dinner, and drinks at a counter and bar along the ground floor, or in a separate dining room on the first floor.

Diners can expect to see a slightly different aesthetic at play with “rough edges, pink marble, and a lot of handmade details” from Swedish designer Jeanette Dalrot and the NYC design firm Safari Sundays.

Notably, there will be a restaurant within the restaurant called Superhero. A six seat table around the kitchen, Superhero will be a chef’s counter for special dinners (and diners), a place for visiting chefs to host one-off events, and, as Fontaine put it, to “just get cray.”

3 Replies to “Candelaria to Open Fried Chicken Joint”

  1. I had high hopes for this place, the menu sounded nice but unfortunately the whole experience was a typical parisien/hipster/overcrowded waste of money.
    You can only book online, which is fine, but when we needed to add a 4th guest to the table we called the phone number listed on Facebook (which is a fake number..0123456789)
    I then wrote them an email asking if it was ok to add another guest to the table.
    No response.
    Luckily when we arrived there was space.
    The food was ok, but menu was limited.
    Service was shocking, very non-chalant waiter who spent the whole night on his phone.
    Seemed very uninterested.
    Place got too crowded and noisy to hear ourselves speak.
    Definitely not recommending this to anyone, might be better for a weekday lunch if anything..

  2. Hi!

    Just wanted to point out that the Superhero chefs table was designed and made by hand by designer Adrian Rubi-Dentzel ( also did the floor at glass, bar at Candelaria and bar at Mary Celeste). It’s a very original and beautiful design you can see on @adrianrubidentzel Instagram 🙂


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