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Yam'Tcha steamed buns bao brioche vapeur December 2014 from Adeline Grattard | Paris by Mouth

Hot buns from Yam’Tcha’s Adeline Grattard

While their gastronomic restaurant prepares to move to a new location in the new year, the folks at Yam’Tcha are using their space at 4 rue Sauval to sell boxes of bao, or steamed buns, to go. Adeline Grattard’s Franco-Chinois take on les brioches vapeur includes fillings like Comté with sweet onion, Basque pork with Szechuan eggplant, shrimp with gauchoï, spicy shitake & veg, and surprising bite of Stilton with Amarena cherry.

Pick up a single bun for 3-4€ or get an assortment of 5 for 16€. They’ll steam them on-site for you, or you can take them home (or to the office, as we did) and steam them yourselves in 3-5 minutes. They’re also selling bottles of house-made XO sauce in three varieties, plus tea for drinking on site or making at home.

Update: The bun fun is happening 7 days a week from 11am-7pm through December 31st (but closed the 24-26) and will continue on in the new year. No official word yet on when the full restaurant will reopen.

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  1. Hi Bob,
    They’re open from 11am-7pm every day through December 31st (excluding Dec 24-26) and will remain open in January but with reduced hours. No word on that yet. You can stay up to date via their Facebook page, and we will update their hours for January when we know more.

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