La Cantine de la Cigale

Warm, welcoming and well-priced. The new bistro from Christian Etchebest follows the model of his other cantines, La Cantine du Troquet and La Cantine du Troquet Dupleix; this time, in association with the concert venue La Cigale.

Practical information

Address: 124 boulevard de Rochechouart, 75018
Nearest transport: Pigalle (2, 12)
Hours: Closed Sunday & Monday; Open Tuesday-Saturday continuously for lunch & dinner
Reservations: Walk-ins Welcome
Telephone: 01 55 79 10 10
Average price for lunch: 20-39€
Average price for dinner: 20-39€
Style of cuisine: Sandwiches & salads, Basque
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Reviews of interest

Not Drinking Poison in Paris (2014) “The menu seems designed specifically to accommodate those too rushed or thrifty to endure a three-course meal. An ample list of Eric Ospital charcuterie is very kindly priced, and appetizer portions are heapingly-plated. Sometimes this generosity had slightly ludicrous results, as in the fried pig’s ear salad I ordered, which was a garish tangle of fatty cartilage, like a wig made of meat.”

Alexander Lobrano (2013) “The bowl of frites that came with our mains were some of the best I’ve eaten in Paris for a long time–cooked in duck fat so that they were crunchy and golden, and garnished with cracked black pepper and coarse sea salt… I’ve always loved Christian Etchebest’s cooking and his warm, alert style of hospitality.”

Le Figaro (2013) “Il place ici sa cuisine à la bonne et juste hauteur des proximités de café. En jovialité Sud-Ouest, il y a là des petits plats de faconde,  de proximité et de passage, judicieux à accompagner les éternelles comédies  de… boulevard.”

L’Express (2013) “Les “Etche-best of” de la carte: les oreilles de cochon grillées, la terrine de boudin-en direct d’Hasparren et signées Ospital, le charcutier star-, et puis de maousses sardines grillées à la sauce vierge et une impeccable tarte aux mirabelles de saison.”

John Talbott (2013) “…modern besides-the-theater cafe/cantine with a giant screen to show Etchebest’s beloved Basque ruggers matches.  And even though you cannot read the chalkboard, it had double the offerings of his prior ventures.”

One thought on “La Cantine de la Cigale”

  1. John Talbott says:

    It’s true it follows the models of his other places, but it has a much more comprehensive menu and is, I think from my one meal there today, the best so far.

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