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La Dame de Pic restaurant in Paris | Paris by Mouth

La Dame de Pic

Practical information

Address: 20 rue du Louvre, 75001
Nearest transport: Louvre-Rivoli (1)
Hours: open every day
Reservations: Book a few weeks in advance
Telephone: 01 42 60 40 40
Average price for lunch: 60-100€
Average price for dinner: More than 100€
Style of cuisine: contemporary tasting menu
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Reviews of interest

Table à Découvert (2013) “Le vacherin au parfum de rose, de riz, de gingembre et de thé sencha. Si j’ai retrouvé avec plaisir tous les textures du vacherin (glacée, fondante, craquante), la délicatesse des notes était tellement poussée qu’elle m’a fait passer un peu à côté des parfums. Comme un parfum très, très léger qui se sent à peine sur la peau. Si je devais rester dans la métaphore du parfum, je dirais qu’il n’était pas assez capiteux à mon goût.”

Patricia Wells (2012) “Anne-Sophie Pic’s week-old La Dame de Pic near the Louvre is the sensation of the rentrée… She sports her feminine role, but does not flaunt it or play it cute. Ingredients are impeccable, preparations are complicated but not overdone, and the taste theme throughout is one of  softness and smoothness with a required touch of crunch. I would never think of pairing warm oysters with cauliflower, but Anne-Sophie offers a regal, cloud-like presentation of warm Gillardeau oysters bathed in a frank and fragrant cream of cauliflower and jasmine, surprising as well as satisfying.”

L’Express (2012) “Le plus: Le service, rebondissant. Le moins: Le “classement” olfactif des différents menus (“vanille ambrée”, “iode et fleurs”…) pas très convaincant, et les languettes à renifler comme dans une boutique de parfums gadgets.”

7 Replies to “La Dame de Pic”

  1. I believe it is an enlarged detail of Leonardo’s Lady with an Ermine (Cecilia Gallerani), c. 1489.

  2. I don’t know, but my wife and I have been searching for an artist whose work we saw in Florence 11 years ago that was very similar. Large close-up prints of Renaissance pieces. This may be the same artist. If you find the name, I would be most grateful if you would please email me at Thank you.

  3. We had an unforgettable meal and personal visit with Anne-Sophie at Maison Pic in October 2007. In addition to her artistry in the kitchen, Anne-Sophie is charming, warm, and down to earth. We are going to Paris in April, and now have our first restaurant on the itinerary!

  4. Can someone tell me the name of the artist of the beautiful print that is seems like it is in an alcove or the entrance way of the La Dame de Pic restaurant? It looks like a renaissance artist. Thank you.

  5. An entire day was wasted throwing up and suffering from fever from food poisoning after trying Pic’s iode menu. I believe the warm oysters were not thoroughly cooked and left at room temperature too long. My partner who had the other menu was fine.
    The coffee butter was delicious.
    After ordering a half a bottle of white at 37E, the young male waiter recommended a glass of Bordeaux to go with my partner’s pork dish…and neglected to tell us that it would cost 36E. The Bordeaux was overly tannic for the pork and the portion was less than 1/4 of the glass. A true professional would recommend a wine in line with the budget of the wine already ordered and perhaps a lighter Burgundy to pair with the pork.
    The low ceilings, the presentation of each dish, the iridescent, opaque plastic bubble-wrapped cuisine, the tables so close to other diners and the servers flitting from one table to the next reminded me very much of an in-flight meal in business class of an American airline. The glass-enclosed kitchen galley could be seen by all and the chefs had all left by dessert time.
    Love Pic’s cookbooks and had very high hopes but the inappropriately matched 36E glass of wine and an entire day in Paris ruined by food poisoning…left us very disappointed.

  6. I have enjoyed your site and often refer people to it when they are looking for that chowhound/eater/strong buzz /lost in cheeseland bit of local information one might want when food is their reference point.
    The Mona Lisa will most likely be there but smoked potatoes at Roseval or anything that is happening at Spring are shall we say a bit more time sensitive.

    Your site is well done. Thanks for all your hard work.

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