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Le Bis du Severo (Closed)

[portfolio_slideshow]Les Bis du Severo was sold in 2011, there is still a restaurant here (Le Bis), but it is no longer affiliated with nearby Le Severo.

Practical information

Address: 16 rue des Plantes, 75014
Nearest transport: Alesia (4)
Hours: Dinner, Monday-Friday; lunch, Tuesday-Saturday; closed Sunday
Reservations: Last minute booking usually OK
Telephone: 01 40 44 73 09
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Average price for lunch: 20-34€
Average price for dinner: 20-34€
Style of cuisine: Classic French, bistro
Special attributes: prix-fixe, prestige ingredients, carnivore’s delight, open Monday
Type of crowd: foodies, neighborhood locals
Interior: charming & traditional
Atmosphere: casual

Reviews of interest

  • John Talbott (2010) “…we had the cote de boeuf for two; he likes his rare, and me blue, but somehow it came out perfectly for us both and he got the bone to chew on… Frites, which defeat most chefs here and in America, were quite good.”
  • Le Fooding (2010) “Même maison que Le Severo tout court, le Bis fait office de plan B quand le premier est complet (ce qui est souvent le cas…)… les produits sont les mêmes, apprêtés avec une égale rigueur janséniste.”

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4 Replies to “Le Bis du Severo (Closed)”

  1. Wanted to let you know that they are now closed on Mondays for dinner as well. They now do a wine tasting on Monday nights. Off to try and get a ressie at Le Severo now!

  2. We came here in 2009 by referral after getting yelled at by Le Severo about not having reservations (silly us!) The steak at Le Bis de Severo was the single best thing I had all week in Paris, and that included a trip to Guy Savoie. This week we returned, and it’s not the same. It’s now just called Le Bis, any reference to Severo has been removed from the signage, awning and menu. The only beef dish on the menu was the faux filet, which was a decent cut of meat properly prepared; but not the insanely tender, juicy and flavorful steak I remembered.

    Overall, though, dinner was fine. Sole, pork, side dishes and desserts were all excellent. It’s a great restaurant. Just don’t expect the steak masterpieces from the past–for that, go to Le Severo.

  3. Booked a table for 10 (non-French speakers to boot!) and the service could not have been more kind or patient. (We tried to help out by translating the menu beforehand.) Food was great…the fish eaters were especially pleased with their sole and John Dory. The boudin noir salad was the star of the meal. Thank you Le Bis!

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