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Le Camion Qui Attend: Paris curbs its first food truck

Le Camion Qui Fume, a food truck that began selling curb-side burgers in early December, has been sitting idle for nearly two weeks as they try to untangle some démarches administratives supplémentaires (red tape).

Kristin Frederick, the Ferrandi-trained chef behind the burger, is hopeful that they’ll be able to resume their normal schedule next week. In the meantime, you can catch the Camion this Saturday inside the Jardin des Tuileries. They’ll be participating in the Colette Carnaval (across from 206 rue de Rivoli) and serving burgers from 12-6pm.

We’ll keep you posted about the fate of Paris’ first food truck just as soon as we know more!

Update: all resolved now. The truck is smoking once again.

2 Replies to “Le Camion Qui Attend: Paris curbs its first food truck”

  1. Jeremy, I have to tell you that the popularity of Le Camion is no different than the food trucks in Los Angeles. I went to the Grilled Cheese truck a few weeks ago and waited for over an hour for one of their gooey, cheesy treats! Mind you, the food trucks in L.A. are at least three times the size of that little truck I see in the picture above. I am shocked (and impressed) to hear that they serve over 150 made to order burgers in under 1.5 hours! Forget the question of why they run out of food, I want to know – how do they do it!!?!

  2. A friend and I have each tried to go once, both for lunch and dinner. Both times they ran out of food an hour after opening. I hope the “red tape” is for a violation related to not having enough food.

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