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Le Chapeau Melon


Former Address: 92 rue Rébeval, 75019

What people are were saying

Le Fooding (2013) “Olivier Camus, ex-patron du Baratin primé Fooding du meilleur caviste en 2001, est aussi un cuisinier doué, qui reçoit tous les soirs dans sa cave, sur les tables dépareillées au milieu des boutanches, autour d’un menu-carte à 34€ (sauf dimanche).”

Not Drinking Poison in Paris (2010) “I actually adore Le Chapeau Melon – it has almost everything I habitually seek in a restaurant. Camus’ self-trained cooking is tasteful but rugged, accented with game attempts at innovation; his wines are as humbly priced as they are masterfully chosen.

Barbra Austin (2010) “A meal at Le Chapeau Melon feels a little like going to a dinner party in a friend’s home, assuming that friend is an excellent cook with 200 wines on the shelves of her funky Belleville apartment.”

Bruno Verjus (2009) “Olivier s’affaire aux couteaux, les agneaux jouent des épaules, 19h45, bientôt l’heure de passer à table. Miam!”

Le Figaro (2008) “Insolite et convaincant.”

Caroline Mignot (2007) “Un caviste ultra gourmand pour passer quelques jolies soirées arrosées (et au vin naturel).”

Featured in Clotilde’s Edible Adventures in Paris

5 Replies to “Le Chapeau Melon”

  1. Are you kidding? All that puff for this place? May have been an off night but seriously. Trekking all that way when we could have gone to Le Baratin across the street and had a great dinner? The service was deplorable and all that natural wine was too much. Sorry, maybe it was better a year ago but may have been our worst dinner in Paris this year.

  2. For my birthday dinner, my friends took me to Chapeau Melon. They have a fixed no-choice menu for dinner and wine is in addition to that. The quality of the food and the ingredients was excellent! Really no complaints. They even modified the menu for my all vegetarian friend, which hardly ever happens in these restos. Where they did get us was the wine. We asked them to recommend bottles and the suggestions were flawless – light, natural wines, paired very well with the food. However, the corkage of 9 euros was outrageous! Barring that, excellent place.

  3. Warm welcome on a cold night, only a few locals at a sparse assortment of tables and chairs. This is foremost a wine store, but with unexpected treats for the palate including: young leeks in a vinaigrette criss-crossed over a red beet puree, raw salmon cubes in a soy oil marinade with julienne of green apple, calamari (and one of its relatives) with vanilla oil and squid ink, and a traditional (and perfectly satisfying) Morthau sausage and lentils du Barry. Quite an unexpectedly creative taste event in this nondescript Belleville store front.

  4. Went here for my birthday this year – they were friendly and accomodating for my large group (8 people), and the food was fantastic. The standout of our meal was the langoustine carpaccio. Can’t wait to go back!

  5. Great decor – what’s better than being inside a wine store with the logo “In Vino No Veritas” across the door?. 32 euro dinner plus wine – lots of choice – discovered “natural” wine (good gamay). Loved the starters – vitello tomato and sardine/tomato tarte. Main courses a little less interesting – choice of a very thick brocolli soup or warm foie gras on a turnip followed by duck…but great ambiance, wonderful to find another hole in the wall that makes you feel at home.

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