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Le Pré Verre (NOW CLOSED)


Former Address: 8 rue Thénard, 75005

What people are were saying about it

Figaroscope (2013) “reprise maladroite de ce bistrot fusion par une jeune équipe singeant mal la carte et la cuisine de leurs prédécesseurs (épices balourdes, alliances grossières).”

Le JDD “La cuisine, plutôt classique, sert un peu plus que le registre bistrot d’âme. Par exemple, la soupe de fenouil et crème au thé, onctueuse et délicate, ou le pêchu mi-cuit mi-cru de boeuf mariné au yuzu. Assaisonnements justes, beaux produits…C’est bon, tout simplement. Seul hic, un service un poil trop familier.”

Reviews of the restaurant under the management of the Delacourcelle brothers:

Jérôme Berger – L’Express (2009) “Le tout au prix du menu-carte de toujours, moyennant quelques suppléments. La bonne affaire! Menu-carte: 28,50€.”

5 Replies to “Le Pré Verre (NOW CLOSED)”

  1. We just had dinner there earlier this week-was ok. Service was good and very crowded and hip. Food was ok-we had much better at other restaurants. Wouldn’t return. Too many other great restaurants in Paris to eat there again.

  2. Because cheap lunch formules are not designed for tourists but for the working people in the neighborhood. In that case, the students and professors at Collège de France, Sorbonne, fac de droit, Hautes Etudes, Institut océanographique, the remaining book publishers still in the area, etc. Le Pré Verre does welcome anybody but never meant to open in a touristy area. It is, first and foremost, an area where people live and work.

  3. Never have I seen a restaurant where the service is moving so fast to turn tables over that it actually interferes with the overall experience. The food was passable (NOT great), but it was the brusque, disinterested service that is what I will really remember about this spot. Not recommended.

  4. Tried to go here this evening and was addressed by a very rude waiter. When there are so many other incredible place in Paris a place with bad service does not deserve any attention!

  5. Lunchtime formule is still a bargain. Service still self-consciously brisk. Management seem to despise tourists, which begs a question: why open a restaurant in one of the most touristy areas in the whole world and then offer a cheap lunch?

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