Le Sergent Recruteur

Address: 41, rue Saint-Louis-en Ile, 75004
Hours: Open Tuesday-Saturday lunch & dinner. Closed Sunday & Monday.
Telephone: +33 1 43 54 75 42
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Our Review

We have not yet reviewed this restaurant. Below you’ll find a summary of reviews to see what others are saying about it.

In Other Words

France Today (2019) Alexander Lobrano tested this historic restaurant under its new chef-proprietor Alain Pe?gouret (formerly of Laurent), noting that the original, elegant dishes were “impeccably executed, refined and delicious.” Writes Lobrano: “the lovely Ile Saint-Louis finally has the destination table it so very much deserves.”

The reviews below are from the previous iteration of Le Sergent Recruteur.

Mark Bittman (2013) “Le Sergent Recruteur is splendidly located in the heart of Île St.-Louis; it’s swank, stylish and expensive and is loved by many. It’s also full of surprises, and the service is brilliant, but I did not think that the food delivered.”

François Simon (2013) “Nous étions au bar tranquillement à picorer une feuille de jambon, un soupir de viande, un baquet de vin rubis. Il y avait là comme une félicité rare à frôler l’excellence sans y succomber, déguster sans ressortir empaqueté ; pouvoir s’arrêter de manger comme l’on souhaite, accélérer soudainement. Deviser, dévisser puis partir lorsque les épidermes sont alertes. C’est cela la gastronomie d’aujourd’hui à Paris comme dans les grandes villes : alterner le haut plaisir et le plus simple et ce, dans une même adresse.”

John Talbott (2013) “Then came one of the best product seared scallops of my life with a carrot puree and a simply lovely bouillon/sauce; razor clams atop green al dente asparagus; and a nice piece of daurade with cauliflower heart.  Again, inventive, refreshing and interesting.”

Caroline Mignot (2013) “Produits triés sur le volet, vision pertinente, cuisine qui saisit son époque au vol, un goût de trop peu pour moi.”

Nicholas Lander (2013) “There is no menu in the restaurant. Instead, the staff engagingly ask for any intolerances or dislikes, and then list one or two of the more significant courses that night….My wife, much impressed by a fairly priced wine list of sensible length that includes, in her opinion, exciting producers from Italy, Germany, Greece, and Spain, chose a 2010 St-Joseph, Chemin Faisant, La Ferme des Sept Lunes.”

Le Fooding (2012) “Les comestibles tavernomiques collent au terroir parisien : œuf de Rambouillet, sirop d’angélique, noix fraîche, crème fouettée et oxalis. Ultra-technique et chromatique galantine de lapin rex du Poitou, foie gras, neige de pistache et gelée rubis de Banyuls. Les chairs limoneuses du mulet noir fleurissent à l’acidulé petit-lait du divin beurre ; potimarron et courge spaghetti en îlot réconfortent.”

Alexander Lobrano (2012) “Going on three hours now, we decided to cut things short, too, and concluded with an excellent fresh fig tart with vanilla ice cream. The bill for this meal ran over 300 Euros, which was rather heart-breaking, since it inevitably invited comparison to all of the other places we might have gone instead for a better and more enjoyable meal. Aside from the excruciatingly slow and disorganized service, the problem with this place you see is that the chef is more interested in showing off his culinary prowess, such as it is–and he does have talent, than he is in creating a sincerely memorable evening for his clientele.”

3 Replies to “Le Sergent Recruteur”

  1. Who says it was a tourist trap—was it the new owners who wrecked what was a historic and wonderful country restaurant?? My family has frequented the original restaurant and loved it every time. Great country French cooking, incredible old-workd ambiance, friendly staff and resaonable prices. We know a tourist trap when we see one and from what we see of the disaster that was our #1 favorite place, it defines tourist trap.

    Last week (9/3) we celebrated our 30th anniversary at Le Grand Vefour and iot was lovely but we were most looking forward to our return to the real Seargent Recruiter on this last trip.

    So sad to see that the new owners kept the same name for theit glitzy new place too—certainly that was to get some business from tourists who will be fooled by the name.

    I give the new Seargent Recruiter 2 years, less if the new owners don’t have deep pockets. We will see.

  2. We have been eating at Sergent Recruteur for years and enjoyed every minute and every bite. We are very sad that it has changed. We just returned from Paris last night, and the trip wasn’t complete without dinner at the traditional Sergent Recruteur.
    Jack and Alice Crosby

  3. We had dinner there last week – high expectations – huge disappointment !!!!
    Card Blanch – ok ,, but please .. Let us see your talent .. We had vegetables in all shape and form – tasteless fish and a tiny (20gr,) of a veal fillet which was good , the desserts- Salary sorbe .. Come on ,,
    This is far from the menus served here at the beginning

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