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Le Severo

Steak au poivre at Le Severo restaurant in Paris

Book one of the ten tables at Le Severo when you’re craving beef, whether that’s in the form of tartare, haché, filet, tataki, bavette, onglet, or côte de boeuf. These are selected and aged by owner / butcher William Bernet, served with excellent fries, and accompanied by one of the best wine lists in town (Beaujolais and Rhone, in particular). Le Severo has been here forever, welcoming visitors and regulars to its little corner of the 14th arrondissement for what still feels like a truly Parisian experience. A great option for Monday night, and a terrible idea for vegetarians.

Le Severo has been included among our 50 favorite restaurants in Paris


8 rue des Plantes, 75014
Open Monday-Friday for lunch & dinner
Closed Saturday & Sunday
Reservations online or at +33 1 45 40 40 91

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Simon Says (2015) “Si l’on veut manger une bonne viande à Paris, c’est ici. Même les deux bouchers « stars » qu’une fausse inimitié savamment alimentée oppose (Hugo Desnoyer et Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec) sont d’accord là-dessus.”

Alexander Lobrano (2012) “… the best steakhouse in Paris…the charcuterie is one great reason to come here, and the sharp knives and good bread, two others… I come here to eat a pavé de rumsteak from nearby butcher Hugo Desnoyer… with a tiny magic mountain of some of the best frites in the whole world.”

John Talbott (2011) “Severo/Desnoyer’s beef is not for the faint of heart or wallet, running one 80 E for two – but it is the Gold Standard and the method of making the frites should be required reading for the chefs at the other 39,999 restos in the ville.”

Alexander Lobrano via David Lebovitz (2009) “… all will be forgiven when your steak arrives. Owner William Bernet used to work for the Boucheries Nivernaises, one of the best butchers in Paris…”

David Lebovitz (2006) “… worth the trek for the excellent meal…”


9 thoughts on “Le Severo”

  1. Tried to go this past Friday evening and it was closed. Hopefully next time.

    Would be great if you came up with a list of your favorite spots for Steak Tartare. From what I’ve read Le Severo would be on the list and I was really hoping to try it… what other spots do you recommend?

    Thanks for the great site!

  2. Thanks Lynn…
    Naturally it is frites and haricot verts…
    was breaking my head on the HV …
    Thank you 🙂

  3. Mickey, I am pretty sure those are your side dishes — Pommes Frites or Haricots Verts. Choose the frites.

    Just FYI — I went to Le Severo with my husband and we ordered the cote de boeuf for 2. I normally go for more tender cuts but he loves cote de boeuf, and I’d agreed that I’d take one for the team if you had to order it for 2 minimum. Although he still talks about how great it was (and he’s French, they don’t usually gush), there were a few pieces I simply could not chew (and had to spit out). So if you’re at all like me, I’d recommend another cut (or smaller bites). Again, he LOVED it — I apparently need my teeth sharpened.

  4. A question…
    Looking at the photo of the the blackboard menu – some of the steaks
    are marked P.F. ou/or H.V. – anyone knows what this means?
    P.F. could be Produit Francaise?…
    Thanks for a formidable blog…

  5. I’m lived in Paris for over 3 years from 2004 to late 2007. I recommend Le Petite Retro in the 6th with fabulous Art Nouveau decor. Just what you are looking for, I think. In the heart of Saint Germain des Pres, right behind Les Deux Magot.

  6. Thanks for the kind words, Mr & Mrs S. I’ve reposted your topic in our discussion forum where we debate and answer questions exactly like this. You can follow the thread here.

  7. Hello-Just came across your wonderful site. You’ve done a splendid job!!! My wife & I are meeting another couple in Paris in mid Sept. We have been there many times, and have our favorites of course, but this is their 1st trip. They want to eat in a lovely Art Nouveau or Belle Epoch brasserie or bistro in the 6th. I wonder if you could make a recommendation or 2? They’re looking for the combination of good food in a lovely room [aren’t we all]. Often, the 2 are not connected. Thanks so much and again, Paris By Mouth is just outstanding.

  8. We headed to Le Servero recommended as a great place to have meat….
    One of the people in our group wanted his meat well done, they refused to do it. fare enough, you have your standards, we order some appetizer for him. Imagine our surprise when our medium/rare meat arrived to the table completely cooked!
    After some discussion, they admited the meat was not medium/rare, but they refused to do anything about it… we ended up paying a lot, and with no dinner…
    The meat that did come medium/rare was actually fine. Certainly not fantastic enough to justify the snobishness.
    Some asswholeness is expected from the French. Even curious, But this place really goes the extra mile on this dimension.

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