Lobster Bar

This is no longer included among the favorite 350 addresses that make up Our Guide to Paris Restaurants. We’ve maintained this page so that you can refer to the practical information and other reviews of interest. Feel free to share your own opinion in the comments.

Practical information

Address: 41 rue Coquillière, 75001
Nearest transport: Louvre-Rivoli (1)
Hours: Closed Sunday and Monday
Reservations: Not accepted
Telephone: No phone, only email – contact@lobsterbar.fr
Average price for lunch: €20-34
Average price for dinner: €20-34
Style of cuisine: American (lobster rolls)

Reviews of interest

Caroline Mignot (2013) “Les coeurs de sucrine sont assaisonnés simplement, les frites avec leur vrai goût de pommes de terre et non de surgélation sont croustillantes à l’extérieur et un peu fermes à l’intérieur, exact gage de fraîcheur.  Le homard enfin, d’origine bretonne, il est cuit à la perfection. Servi froid, alors que je l’imaginais tiède (je ne sais pourquoi), dans une quantité de morceaux généreuse. La sucrosité de sa chair est d’une pure gourmandise. Pour assaisonnement, une pointe d’estragon et pas tellement plus m’a-t-il semblé. Le pain au lait légèrement toasté est assez fin, ce qui laisse toute la place au homard de s’exprimer.”

Emmaunuel Rubin for Le Figaro (2013)”Rillettes d’ormeaux: trop grasse. Lobster roll: aussi vite mâché qu’oublié. Cake au cidre: pas grand-chose.”

John Talbott (2013) “The lobster roll itself is not huge, for 26 E, it’s about 6 inches long; the roll part is sweet not neutral; the lobster in bigger chunks than usually served Down East; the sauce very hard to discern; the fries nice but ours were served semicold due to the crush I fear; but the lettuces had a terrific sauce.”


2 Replies to “Lobster Bar”

  1. I would agree. The portion size is about the size of my index finger. If they want to do typical New England…why is there not clam chowder or corn on the cobb…the starter were not of interest. I left hungry…I do have to say the lobster was tender and the service was good but not for the price

  2. The most horrid meal I’ve had in Paris.

    I can’t believed i paid 99 euros(33 euros each as there are 3 of us) for this piece of crap.

    The starter-tarama, was probably the nicest thing from the menu, when i mean nice its not really nice nice, its considerable more edible than other stuff, even though they are completely random as an appetiser since its the kind of stuff that you can just grab at the local supermarket and I would expect them to be given out as free than being charger 6 euros for it. A rip-off.

    SHAME on them for serving the soggiest (french) fries ever in France, even a random bistro does better fries than them. We all left the fries out.

    The lobster roll is smaller than a [edited out to avoid offending any of our readers], if they think this could fill up a grown up they must be out of their mind. Not to mention they way they used the lobster (for this disgusting roll) is a complete waste of lobster meat, the lobster meat itself is cold, no sauce and the ‘roll’ is actually brioche which is a type of sweet milk bread- it doesn’t even match at all wtf

    I was expecting this place to be a bit like ‘lobster and burger’ in London, they serve either lobster roll, the entire lobster, burger, served HOT for 20 uk pounds, all I can they is they obviously did a much better job than this so-called ‘lobster bar’.

    They should really do something about the food or I’d expect them to go out of business soon.

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