Mil Amores Tortilleria

Tortillas in Paris

A tortilla speakeasy, if you will. Fresh corn tortillas are produced and sold out of the back room of an apartment building by a trilingual (French, English and Spanish) team. It’s not nearly as sketchy as it sounds. The tortillas and tostadas are the best you’ll find in Paris, and pair beautifully with the roster of fresh and genuinely spicy salsas that they usually have on hand. Call or e-mail in advance to reserve or order online.

Practical information

Address: 52 Avenue Parmentier, 75011. You will receive the necessary entry code for the building once you place an order.
Nearest transport: Parmentier (3), Saint-Ambroise (9)
Hours: Available for pick-up Saturdays from 1-3pm; all other days by special order.
Telephone: 06 20 32 60 92

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Reviews of interest

  • David Lebovitz (2013) “They are rolling out fresh corn tortillas in two sizes (14 and 16 cm, for €10/kg), and you can choose from either white or yellow corn tortillas. (Blue will be coming.) They’re gluten-free, so for folks who can’t eat bread, perhaps we’ll be seeing warm tortillas being offered in lieu of bread baskets around town? And I can certainly imagine some grated Mimolette or Comté cheese being melted over the top for a little afternoon goûter at home.”

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